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Hello, Spring! Our Top Picks For The Season

Hello, Spring! Our Top Picks For The Season

Goodbye, Winter.  Not that we had much of a Winter here in Texas, but you can definitely tell Spring has sprung!  The birds are chirping, the bluebonnets are blooming, BBQ pits are smoking, and noses are running from the thick yellow pollen covering the land.  Despite the allergens floating around in the air, Spring is usually the time most of us are venturing outside more to hunt rocks, garden, or just enjoy the warmer weather and each other’s company. 

This year is different, though.  In 2020 we are now contending with the possibility of getting sick with COVID-19 as the World Health Organization has declared a pandemic.  You know it’s serious when Disney World has shut down.  Many of us might be choosing to stay indoors and hunker down while this passes.  Good thing Nature's Treasures has an online store to tend to our spiritual, physical, and mental needs in the meantime!

So, without further ado, here are our Top Picks for Spring 2020 with special consideration taken for current events.  Themes of Purifying, Good Health, and New Beginnings are covered for you to explore, with a great collection of featured crystals, minerals, and healing tools to enhance your Springtime activities.


PURIFYING, CLEANING, AND CLEARING  With some of us choosing to stick close to home, there is no better time to do some Spring Cleaning.  To be clear, Spring Cleaning is not just about hauling away the clutter in our closets, but clearing out the accumulated ”stuff” inside our mind, heart, and spirit, too. Here are our favorite recommendations for keeping it clean this season and all year round.

    Nature's Treasures Hamsa Himalayan Salt Lamp Oil DiffuserSmudges- Purify, cleanse, and clear your environment of bacteria, viruses, and allergens by burning herbs.

    Clear Quartz- The ultimate clearing and cleaning stone.  Great for chakra work!

    Singing Bowls-  Clear your mind, aura, and crystals with the healing power of sound.

    Himalayan Salt Lamps- Cleanse allergens and neutralize elecromagnetic radiation from your environment.


    TO YOUR HEALTH!  Because we can’t just ignore there's a serious virus going around and seasonal allergies on top of that, here is a short list of tools we carry that can help boost your immunity when used in conjunction with a proper diet, adequate sleep, and good personal hygiene. 

    Nature's Treasures Alchemy of HerbsRaressence Defense Oil- A 100% pure essential oil blend specially made to defend & boost your immune system.

    Health Crystal Grid Kit- Set & release your Good Health intentions for Yourself and the World!

    Malachite- Immunity boosting stone used to lessen asthma, allergies, and inflammation.

    Alchemy of Herbs- Recipe book to transform everyday ingredients into foods & remedies that heal.

    The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy- Over 800 Natural, Nontoxic, and Fragrant Recipes to create safe home and work environments.


    NEW BEGINNINGS & GROWTH  In centuries past, Spring marked the beginning of the calendar year and it is still marks the beginning of the astrological year.  Many festivities during this season emphasize new beginnings and renewal and it is the recommended time of the year to begin those New Year’s resolutions we planned to start a few months ago.  To aid your own beginnings and revitalization this Spring Equinox and beyond, we offer these four minerals.

      Nature's Treasures Chrysoprase

      Moonstone- The stone of new beginnings and all natural cycles.

      Moss Agate- Encourages connection to the Earth and stimulates personal growth.  It's also a good garden stone.

      Amazonite- Attracts new business, new clients, new ways of being so as to be true to you and your path ahead.

      Chrysoprase- Helps to dispel old connections, grudges, and energetic ties for the new to come in and grow unhindered by the past.


      Don’t Forget!  Our 14th annual Tucson Trunk Show is going on now and you can shop from the comfort of your home!  Check our Website, Facebook and Instagram feeds for the goodies featured in our photographs and message us to purchase.  We are offering a discount for choosing curbside pickup at our store.

      Nature's Treasures 14th Annual Tucson Trunk Show

      From all of us here at Nature’s Treasures,

      stay Healthy & have a Happy Spring!


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