Terms & Conditions


The prices of the items in your order are applied at the time the order is completed, and not the prices a time of shipment, or curbside pick up. Prices posted on the Website, Social Media, emails or messages sent to subscribers, or promotions, discounts and specials are only valid for the dates specified, and may be subject to other terms and conditions. These prices and promotions may not be available at the Retail Location, or on other platforms. 

Prices, Promotions and Discounts, Services and Programs, and availability of products offered in the Retail Store may not be available for the Online platforms, and vice versa. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice for both Online and Retail. Prices and selection at the Retail Store may vary from prices and selection available on the Online Store, and vice versa. The Retail and Online stores at Nature's Treasures are under no obligation to honor or match services, prices or promotions offered on the other platforms. 

If a product or service is offered at an incorrect price due to typographical or other error, Nature's Treasures reserves the right to cancel and refund the purchase at its discretion, even if the order has been confirmed. If a product or service is ordered, and then determined to be "Out of Stock," the purchase and applicable shipping and other charges will be refunded, and Nature's Treasures cannot guarantee that any product or service will again be made available, or at the same price. Such cancellations or refunds may affect other programs or promotions, such as Free Standard Shipping for Orders Over $50 in the Continental US, by reducing the overall order total. Nature's Treasures is under no obligation to honor these programs or promotions if such a refund or cancellation changes the qualification for these programs or promotions. 

Prices are in US dollars, and do not reflect taxes, tariffs, shipping and handling, which are added during checkout to the order total, and is based on the final shipping address, size and weight of the items shipped, and other factors according to local jurisdiction. Taxes and tariffs are reported and paid directly to each applicable jurisdiction, and Nature's Treasures has no control or discretion to alter, reduce or withhold these charges. Such charges are detailed in the Cart Total of your order for your review and acceptance before completing payment for the order. By completing your order, you are accepting these terms and conditions, and the charges applied. 



Online Coupons and discounts are subject to the specific terms and conditions, and are only valid for the products and dates specified. Nature's Treasures has no obligation to accept or apply Online Discounts and Promotions for sales made at the Retail Store, and vice versa. 

Taxes, Tariffs and other charges are applied to the Order Total prior to any discounts. Discounts are applied to Order Total prior to Taxes, Tariffs and Shipping. For example, an order that comes to $49 prior to the addition of taxes, and when taxes are added is $51, does not qualify for our Free Standard Shipping Program. Similarly, discounts are applied only to the actual prices, not any taxes, tariffs or shipping charges. Also, an order totaling $51 prior to a discount code being applied, then totaling $49 after a discount is applied does not qualify for the Free Standard Shipping Program. 

Discounts and coupons may not be stacked. For instance, if a product is discounted 15%, and a discount code is applied for 20% off purchase, the greater discount is applied at checkout. The two discounts cannot be added to equal 35% discount. 

Coupons, Discounts and Promotions are subject to change or cancellation without notice.

Coupons, Discounts and Promotions available or promoted on certain channels, via email or specific ads are not available on other channels. For instance, if a discount is offered when signing up for an account or on a Social Media ad, you cannot request or apply the discount if you do not sign up for an account, or click the ad on Social Media. 

Discount and Promotion codes must be applied during checkout in the Discount field. Only 1 Discount Code may be applied per each order, and are subject to the terms and conditions of that specific Discount or Promotion. Discount codes that are included in the Notes section of the Checkout Form, or requested via email or any of our Customer Service messaging platforms,  will not be applied. 

Nature's Treasures is not responsible for incorrect or expired discount codes added to the Discount Field. If an incorrect or expired discount code is used during checkout, Nature's Treasures is not obligated to retroactively apply the requested discount. If a discount code is applied during checkout to an order, when the order is refreshed, the discounted amount will be listed as a line item in the subtotal of the Order Summary and Confirmation. We are unable to apply discounts or promotions to orders after they are completed by the user or customer. 

This includes special programs, such as Buy One Get One, or Free Standard Shipping for Orders Over $50 in the Continental US. These and other promotions or programs cannot be retroactively applied to a completed order, or those amounts refunded. 

Discounts, Coupons or Promotions may not be applied to products, services or programs for less than the listed price of the product, service or program. 



Nature's Treasures reserves the right to cancel or modify orders, or refuse an order, if there is misuse or fraud associated with the use of Discounts, Promotions or Programs. For instance, if a user or customer creates multiple accounts to utilize a discount for creating an account, the order may be cancelled or the discount not applied, or the user blocked from placing orders online, and subject to any cancellation or restocking fees. 

Discounts and Promotions for specific organizations, groups, companies or individuals may not be used, assigned or transferred to others, and orders made using them may be cancelled, modified or refused at our discretion. 

Please closely inspect your order details BEFORE completing the order or rendering payment. If something is not right, a discount you try to use is not properly applied, if you need help with shipping options or charges, or if you need help with your order, please contact us during regular hours BEFORE completing your order, and we will help you complete your order and take payment over the phone, or by sending an invoice to you via email so you can review and complete payment and shipping information. We are unable to apply certain discounts, modifications or programs to orders that have been completed, or have been shipped. Please refer to other applicable sections of the Terms and Conditions for more details. 



All products, programs, services, prices, discounts and availability are subject to change with or without prior notice at Nature's Treasures' discretion. We reserve the right, with or without prior notice, to discontinue or limit the availability of any product, price, service, discount, promotion or program, or to impose conditions on use of any discount, promotion, service or program. We reserve the right to refuse any service or sales to any user or customer, or to restrict any user or customer from making a purchase via Online or at our Retail Store. We reserve the right to cancel and/or refund any order or sale made Online or at our Retail Store in whole or in part. Certain products, programs or services may be subject to other Terms and Conditions. 

Nature's Treasures assumes no responsibility for any loss associated with exercising our Rights, cancelling or otherwise restricting any Sales, Services or Programs. 



Nature's Treasures does not offer any Price Matching either Online or at our Retail Store. We do not accept 2nd or 3rd Party coupons or promotions, manufacturers coupons, etc. 



Nature's Treasures does not offer Free Samples of any of our products or services.



Nature's Treasures Online is proud of our Fast Shipping policy. Orders are processed in the Order they are received. Usually our orders are packed within 12-48 hours of being placed. In the event that you need to cancel or modify an order, please contact us at support@naturestreasuresatx.com or by calling 512-472-5015 during regular Customer Service hours 11:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

Requests for Cancellation or Modification of an order should be made within 12 hours of the order being completed to ensure that we have not packed and shipped the order already, although in some cases your order may already be packed and shipped or Ready for Pick Up within less than 12 hours. 

Please note that if an order has already been shipped, we are unable to Modify or Cancel the order. If you missed the time frame to cancel or modify an order, and it has already been shipped, please notify us at support@naturestreasuresatx.com, and we will send you a Free Return Shipping Label for the order, which you may use to Return the entire order for a refund of the Purchase Price. We are unable to refund shipping costs paid to a shipping carrier after the order has been received by them or has been delivered. 

If an order is Cancelled and Refunded, allow 3-5 days for the Refund to be posted to your account. Other Terms and Conditions for Refunds may be reviewed on our Returns and Refunds information page. 

Orders for Shipping or for Curbside Pick Up that are cancelled after being pulled, packaged for Shipping or Curbside Pick Up, or the Shipping Confirmation or Ready for Pick Up Confirmation notifications are sent,  are subject to a 25% Restocking Fee and a nominal $5 Cancellation Fee.  Nature's Treasures is not responsible if such notifications are not received by the customer or user, or if such notifications are sent to a Spam or Junk folder, or if SMS messages are not received or are otherwise blocked, disabled or restricted. 

Modifications to an order may alter the prices and availability for products, programs, promotions, discounts or services. We cannot guarantee the price or availability for items added to a modified order. The prices or conditions of any item added as a modification are subject to the prices and conditions, including availability, are applied at the time of modification, not the time the original order was placed or confirmed. For example, if you want to modify an order placed on Saturday by adding a product that was on sale Friday, but which the sale price ended at midnight on Friday, the regular price will be applied rather than the sale price. 



Nature's Treasures does not offer Rain Checks for Sale Items, Promotions or Discounts in either the Retail Store or Online. 



By reviewing and completing your order, you agree to our Terms and Conditions, including those not listed or unspecified here. You agree that you are allowed by law to use the payment method you chose, and agree to the charges outlined in your Order Summary, as well as those that may be modified, altered or added by us to execute your order. 

Orders that are flagged by any of our payment providers or 3rd party platforms as Fraudulent, Possibly Fraudulent, or At Risk may be cancelled or require further documentation upon request prior to fulfilling or shipping the order. 

These Terms and Conditions are subject to modification or change with or without notice, and due not exclude other Terms and Conditions expressed elsewhere.