Home of the Largest Sit-in Amethyst Geode in the US

Nature's Treasures Home of the largest sit in geode

Everything's bigger in Texas...it's only fitting that the Largest New Age Crystal Store in the US be the home of the largest sit-in amethyst geode! Millions of people have seen the image of owner/adventurer Karen Richards seated in large amethyst cathedral on billboards, and we are often asked if it's real. Not only is it real, but there have been several of these amazing geodes that Nature's Treasures Texas has offered.  We currently house this beauty on our retail floor of Nature's Treasures in beautiful Austin, Texas, and people love coming to see and feel the energy of this stunning specimen. 

This amethyst geode from Brazil is large enough to hold 2-3 people. It is comprised of smaller amethyst crystals and some larger formations of milky white calcite, making it not only more comfortable to sit in, but amplifying the protective and blissful energy it emits. To make it extra-special, the amethyst itself is "smoky amethyst," due to the type of chemicals present in the amethyst that give it its unique coloring. Smoky amethyst is a very grounding member of the the amethyst family. 

There are larger amethyst geodes in the US, some as big as school buses, but the one currently at our retail store in Austin is, as far as we know, the largest sit-in amethyst geode in the US, and is currently on display and available for purchase. 

The geode is much loved by the Nature's Treasures family, but like all of our crystal friends, we are only its care-takers until it finds its "forever home" and goes on to be a part of someone else's family, and someone else's dream. If you would like to find out about owning this one-of-a-kind crystal specimen, contact us today!