About Us: Our Commitment to Sustainability & Responsibility

Long before Karen Richards realized her dream of having "the best Crystal Store in America," she was imbued with a strong sense of purpose- that "sharing Nature" came with a strong responsibility of "caring for Nature." 

From the very beginning, she sought to educate herself on "sustainability" long before it was a cool marketing trend. To her, it was just the right way to do things. To that end, she has carefully vetted each source for the wide selection of stones, crystals, fossils, wellness products and more, to ensure that each product we offer at Nature's Treasures comes from sources that are as committed to the environment as we are, while still offering great selection of high quality items at an affordable price. 

Karen is pleased to see that many of our customers feel the same way! We are proud that many that shop with us are concerned about environmental impact, sustainability, local economies and the respect for indigenous cultures. Your purchase helps us support small businesses around the world that engage in sustainable practices. 

Crystal, Stone & Mineral Sources

Where do our stones come from? Our stones are literally from all over the World! We proudly detail the country of origin on many of our stones, and sometimes the specific mine it was sourced from. This is because Karen has developed personal relationships with her sources, from miner to fabricator, and unlike other retailers, visits the sites regularly. 

Most of our vendors, mines and fabricators are small, family owned businesses in their regions, and are careful stewards of their individual little mines or finishing shops. Because the land holding their mines are passed down father-to-son (or in many cases, mother-to-daughter) they are careful to preserve not only their family's tradition of caring for Nature, but also in helping their local economies thrive by employing locals, and passing on valuable lapidary and mining skills to the next generation. 

No strip mining!  Our sources practice restoration & reclamation, which is a fancy way of saying "leave everything the way you found it." Fill in any holes, replant any vegetation. Don't disturb any local wildlife. It's a good way to do business! In fact, some of our vendors are vocal educators on reclamation and restoration, teaching other miners and fabricators sustainable methods. 

Herbs, Smudges & Botanicals

The use of herbs, smudges and other botanicals to connect with Nature is a growing interest, whether in skincare, aromatherapy, or other products. Like our minerals, our botanicals are sources from mostly small & family owned farms. 

  • Family owned Palo Santo groves in Argentina & Ecuador.Palo Santo products are from carefully pruned branches, and old growth that is cleared away to plant younger trees, perpetuating the health of the grove. This  provides long-term employment opportunities to local & indigenous neighbors, while lovingly caring for a natural resource passed down through generations. The bees that help to pollinate these groves produce an exquisite honey that is prized by locals, and rarely seen outside of the region. 
  • Sage, Cedar & Herbs are sourced exclusively from small family owned farms and greenhouses around the world. None of our botanicals are "wild-gathered," which can be harmful to the local ecology, and lead to extinction of plant species in certain areas. Instead, we source all of our healing herbs and cleansing sage smudges from family farms & greenhouses. 

Peruvian Butterflies & Insects 

Specimens or decor are provided exclusively from participants in the Peruvian pollinator programs that support farmers and agriculture there. Each insect specimen lives out its natural life-span, contributing to the local environment, before being mounted or preserved. Your purchase helps support these projects. 

More about us:

  • Anti-Slavery & Anti-Exploitation agreements that adhere to high standards set by the United Nations and other organizations insure the rights of freedom and liberty to those working in regions reliant on mineral mining, production or fabrication. By working to improve the conditions of workers around the world, we help to encourage good labor practices.  We proudly source from those who have signed those pledges. 
  • Rainforest Coalition supporters, we directly support programs that help sustain its diverse flora and fauna.