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It’s very nice and I like the size.

Garnet Chip Necklace
Sergio Quinonez (Texas, United States)

Garnet Chip Necklace

Natural Amber Necklace On Adjustable Cord || Unisex

This was plastic

Good day, Sabrina. Thank you for your review. We carefully hand select our products and label them accordingly, we assure you that the amber is natural. However, we understand that Amber is incredibly light and can feel similar to plastic. Please let us know if you have any questions, you can email us or message us on social media. Thank you again & many blessings

Love how it feels on my skin such a beautiful piece!!!

Authentic Hand Made Alpaca Wool Furry Llama's W/ Tassel
Madeline Harrison (Texas, United States)
Handmade alpaca furred llama

I think it's so funny that they made a llama with alpaca fur. I dunno how similar the animals are or if they're the same thing (please forgive mammalian ignorance). But it's SO SOFT. I love it and I'm able to have it on a shelf and my cats leave it alone. It is so amazingly made and well worth it

Symbols are from Avartar: The Last Airbender

Those element symbols are ripped off from the ones made for the Nickelodeon cartoon, not some deep spiritual symbols representing the elements

Sun's Eye "Wiccan Altar" Specialty Oils
Adri (Texas, United States)
My favorite

Sun's eye brand is hard to find, specially the Wiccan altar, I ordered online and it was shipped fast and secured.

Pretty, light and airy.

Very dainty, nice ring. Easy to wear.

Clear Quartz Tumble Stone Earring And Pendant Set
Susan (Kentucky, United States)
Pretty crystal jewelry

I really like the clear quartz necklace. It’s perfect. The earrings are too heavy for me, so I’m just keeping as healing crystals, not jewelry. Great price on the set.

Natural Lemurian Quartz Point || Small
Martha Hess (Louisiana, United States)
Memorial Crystal

Beautiful!!! Some big, some smaller. For the smaller ones they added an extra crystal! Thank you. I give them as gifts to my Reiki clients!

I didn't realize how beautiful this sphere actually is until I held it in my hands I am super pleased with the quality of this sphere

Oval Shungite Pendant - Ganesh
Carolyn Parsons (Texas, United States)

Oval Shungite Pendant - Ganesh


Nice but think allergic to metal

Enchanting Neon Blue Apatite & Rainbow Moonstone Pendant | .925 Sterling Silver | South Africa

Absolutely love it. It never comes off.

Nitiraj Incense Sticks Dragon's Blood
Steven Landkamer (Wisconsin, United States)

The best I have ever smelled and it burns almost fo ever.

Stunning piece, very happy with it

Dyed Druzy Agate Heart Pendant
Crystal Kueker (Texas, United States)
Beautiful Pieces

They are vibrant in color, each piece individually shaped and painted with a silver coating to protect the stone (not sterling silver). Do not come with a chain or rope so will need to purchase separately. Always pleased with Natures Treasure's jewelry!

Kamini White Sage Soap
David (Maryland, United States)
Love this soap!

Great smell and easy on sensitive skin. Have been using it for years.

Blessed it and my son in law loves it. Wears it all the time.

Beautiful stone

This is a beautiful stone, I am hoping it gives me clarity and focus. Wish I had gotten a larger one of these. I got a 3 oz fluorite palm stone but that is a little big to carry so I will be looking for a rainbow fluorite to carry.