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How To Smudge

How To Smudge

Smudging is an age old Native American ritual of burning sage and other herbs for the purpose of cleansing one’s environment of bacterial and viral pollutants; purifying physical and auric bodies; and clearing negative energies from environments, objects, and individuals. It is just one kind of smoke ceremony, being very similar to ones used in Buddhist, Aboriginal, Mayan, and other ancient cultures.

What’s so wonderful about smudging is that the ingredients are all natural. The Earth has provided us with so many resources, and plants and herbs are an important part of how we can heal ourselves naturally. Here at Nature’s Treasures we are appreciative of all Mother Earth provides and we take care to only partner with those who agree on the importance of using herbs which have been sustainably sourced, responsibly harvested, and ethically gathered.

Why Smudge?

Smudging has many varied uses for health, peace of mind, and clearing negative energy. Perhaps it would be easier to answer the following questions to see if you could benefit from a good smudge:
  • Have you or someone else in the home been sick recently? Is there a sickness going around that you don’t want to catch or, is it allergy season? Note: Please choose herbs you are not allergic to.
  • Did you just move into a new space and the energy feels off? Has your home gotten stale and heavy feeling?
  • Has an argument happened in your environment, which you still feel the weight from? Did you have visitors that were not exactly positive or helpful?
  • Does that treasure you found at the thrift store have a mysterious past you just can't trust? Have you brought in used items into your home you wish to clear the previous owners energy from?
  • Are you or any of your household members struggling with depression, anxiety, or stress either from internal processes or external circumstances? Do you feel energetically attacked from an unknown source?
  • Has your tarot, astrology, or divination practices seem off or inaccurate lately? Does your reiki, yoga, pranic, or other healing business need a boost of positive energy to clear the (dis)ease you help relieve?

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, then Smudging has been touted as a natural healing ritual you can easily perform to help ease any of these discomforts.

Supplies Needed to Smudge

Sage Smudge SuppliesSmudging is a simple practice that requires only a few supplies, or Four Elements, and your focused Intent:

Earth Element- Smudge Sticks, bundles of dried herb leaves tied together with string, are the most common tool for smudging, though loose herbs and wood chips are also effective.

The main ingredient is frequently Sage, but many other botanic ingredients such as Palo Santo, Eucalyptus, Cedar, Juniper, and Sweet Grass can also be used separately or combined.  Use your intuition to see what herbs you are drawn to.

Fire Element- Candles, matches, or lighter for lighting the herbs.

Water Element- Abalone shell is traditionally used, however, any concave fireproof dish or heat resistant vessel can represent the receptive nature of the Water Element.

Air Element- Is already present.  It is the air you burn the herbs through.  You may enhance this element by using a feather to direct the smoke, but using your hands works just as fine.

The Art of Smudging, A Step-By-Step Guide

The Art of Smudging- Nature's Treasures Texas from Nature's Treasures of Texas on Vimeo.

Before you begin, make sure to open a window or door so that the negative energy has a way of departing and the positive energy may enter.

Gather your Elements and prepare your Intent, which can be as simple or elaborate as you wish. Let your intuition flow and come up with what you most want or need at the moment. As an example, your intention could be something like, “I release all negative energies back to Source. Only that which serves my Highest Good may enter and remain.” Or, it could be as simple as, “Good Health” or even, “Peace”.

Hold the seashell or concave dish in your non-dominant hand. After lighting, place the burning Smudge Stick in the dish and allow the smoke to rise. Wave the feather or smudge stick in a clockwise circular motion over the dish and waft the smoke while you clearly state your Intent.

Before clearing the environment, first smudge your body from the bottom of your feet up to the top of your head, back and front, using repetitive circular motions, allowing the smoke to clear away the negativity.

At this point you are ready to clear any environment and objects of negativity or purify your environment with herbs. Continue waving the smoke and stating your intent, like a mantra, either aloud or silently.

If you are clearing your home it is a good idea to smudge all windows and doors as well as cabinets, closets and drawers, even under the sinks. Starting and ending at the front door, in a clockwise motion, is an effective way to “sweep” your house clean.

After you have finished, put your smudge stick in a fireproof vessel and let it burn out on its own or press the end of the bundled herbs into a cauldron, shell, or dish with sand to extinguish the fire. If you have lit candles, make sure you blow those out too while releasing your intention with its smoke.

In closing it is always a best practice to offer words of gratitude to the Elements and Universe for their participation with the smudging ritual. A simple, sincere “Thank You” is all that is needed but I am sure Mother Earth won’t complain if you have a longer show appreciation for all her hard work.

Take a nice deep breath in your newly cleansed environment and enjoy all the spiritual, mental, and physical benefits Smudging brings!

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