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4 Lucky Stones for St. Patrick’s Day

4 Lucky Stones for St. Patrick’s Day

I always wake up on St. Patrick’s Day with a big, mischievous smile on my face, as I anticipate a day infused with extra magic. I am 42% Irish, and green has been my favorite color since childhood. I even own a leprechaun costume that I wear almost every year on March 17th, which certainly turns heads at the grocery store.  

Even if you don’t have any Irish blood, the luck of the Irish can be with you—on St. Patrick’s Day and every day. Good luck, good fortune, and blessings fall into your lap when you cultivate the right state of mind and energy that magnetizes it. It’s all about maintaining an optimistic outlook, an attitude of gratitude, and a positive emotional state. This is because the quality of energy you put out into the world boomerangs back in the form of experiences that match that energy.  

If you are not feeling so lucky or fortunate these days, now is the perfect time to boost your vibration with the right crystals and stones. You can think of these St. Patrick’s Day stones as lucky charms. Wearing or working with them can infuse you with positive energy, helping to attract a windfall of blessings into your life. Plus, they will certainly make your St. Patrick’s Day sham-ROCK! 


Green Aventurine Nature's TreasuresGreen Aventurine  This beautiful, green member of the Quartz family is known as one of the luckiest gems in the crystal kingdom. It is an especially powerful prosperity and abundance magnet, and it can help shift the odds in your favor when you are competing for a prize, a job, or a business deal. If you have a trip to Las Vegas on the horizon, it wouldn’t hurt to keep Green Aventurine in your pocket when you play the slot machine! Green Aventurine is also known to attract new opportunities and the right connections you need for personal and spiritual fulfillment. It helps you to look at the bright side of any situation, and it amplifies a sense of optimism and charisma necessary for attracting positive people and experiences. Green Aventurine is also a top level, versatile healing stone, and it can connect you to the nature realm and the Devic kingdom. Pro Tip: If you decide to work with Green Aventurine to conjure a leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day, be sure you are wearing green to avoid being pinched. 

Jade Hearts Natures treasuresGreen Jade  With its mystical aura and magical properties, Jade has been revered for thousands of years by many cultures across the planet. Legend has it that touching a piece of Jade will bless you in all of your pursuits. Historically, it is known as a top stone for attracting love, friendship, luck, and prosperity. Green Jade tunes you into the Earth’s natural flow of abundance and brings it into all aspects of your life. It is a stone that provides balance, harmony, and wholeness—especially in the areas of health, relationship, family, and business. Jade is also known as a dream stone that can help you access spiritual insight. It is a powerful protection stone that can shield you from various forms of negative energy, and it can also replenish you if your energy has become depleted. One more fun fact: According to crystalvaults.com, Jade and Green Aventurine are both associated with the Irish goddess of fertility, Brigid.

Pyrite Heart Nature's TreasuresPyrite   Warning!!--Leprechauns are notorious tricksters!  If you ever manage to find a leprechaun at the end of the rainbow and he offers you his pot of gold, he might be tricking you with "fool’s gold" (a.k.a. Pyrite). Even so, I suggest you take it, because Pyrite really is as good as gold in terms of beneficial energetic properties! Pyrite has a long history of use as a magnet for money and good luck, and it is often recommended in Feng Shui to assist with prosperity issues. (A good placement for Pyrite is in the wealth corner of your home or office, which is the Southeast corner.) Pyrite is one of the most effective stones I have found for manifesting anything you truly desire. Perhaps it is partially due to its highly geometric nature, which brings your thoughts and desires into greater coherency and power. Its golden color ray resonates with and enhances the solar plexus chakra. And its iron content helps to ground your desired outcome into your personal reality. Pyrite also boosts your attitude, energy levels, and confidence, helping you to shine in all endeavors. It assists you in staying present and effective in the moment, while providing strong energetic protection.  

Peridot Nature's TreasuresPeridot  is a semi precious gemstone that exudes warmth and positive energy. Historically, it has been worn for luck, success, prosperity, and protection. I agree with crystal expert, Naisha Ahsian: Peridot generates the frequency of increase–increasing wealth, health, love, happiness, and all things good. It is a gem that blesses and fertilizes your projects, while opening you to receive wonderful things. Since it carries the green and yellow rays, Peridot can align the heart and solar plexus chakras to assist in manifesting your true heart’s desire. It can clear lower energies and emotions, and it has a powerful rejuvenating quality that makes it a versatile physical healing stone. Peridot also opens the door to communicating with the different Earth kingdoms: the plants, animals, minerals, elementals and fairies. In fact, I am holding a Peridot right now, and the fairies are asking me to include this brief, but important channeled message from them: “If you don’t want us to play tricks on you or hide your keys, please leave us an offering on St. Patrick’s Day of at least one Peridot. Thank you for your cooperation.” 

Not all of us are lucky enough to find a four-leaf clover, but Irish eyes are smiling because we can easily find these four good-luck stones here in the Nature’s Treasures online store! I hope you have a magical St. Patrick’s Day, filled with fun times and perhaps a pint of green beer. 


  • I needed that info right on time I just left the store and tried on a jade ring that was gorgeous and I’ve been kicking myself for not buying it while iI was there However had I had already spent over $400 so I was trying to be frugal I’m going back in the morning and getting the ring to heck with frugal

    I knew I needed it thank you so much I’m looking forward to meeting you

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