Your Valentine’s Day Crystal Gift Guide

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Your Valentine’s Day Crystal Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again. Just when we think we are getting a handle on losing all that Winter Holiday weight, in comes the chocolates and sweets again to expand our waistlines while ruminating on Love. I don’t know about about you, but the last thing I want to do while hanging out with my Valentine is obsess about whether my spanx can keep it all together while scarfing down the sweets, rich foods, and drinks Valentine’s Day is usually associated with.

So, I have an idea. Why don’t we all skip the chocolate munching and sugar slurping and indulge in a serving of good-for-us minerals…. the crystals, gems, and stone kind, that is! Ok, well maybe we can imbibe in a little chocolate, but this gal rather prefers rocks over sweets and I am sure I’m not the only one out there. So, for you fellow Rockin’ Tribe Members, this Valentine’s Day Crystal Gift Guide is for You!


Valentine's Crystal Gift Guide
Give the Gift that Keeps On Giving
Crystals are forever. Give your Valentine a gift to remember you by and Rock Their World!

You Sparkle & Shine. Jewelry is always a favorite to give or receive, and this year is no different. Whether you are shopping for Him or Her, we’ve got you covered. Here are some popular stones in Valentine’s Day Jewelry and their messages in a nutshell:
Garnet- I am wild about you and want you in my life for a long time!
Rose Quartz- I love you unconditionally and value you in my life.
Aventurine- I am so lucky I met you and enjoy being around you!
Rhodochrosite- You are worth a lot to me and I think you’re great.

Carnelian Double Crystal Heart I <3 You! Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like receiving anything heart shaped! We offer a wide assortment of crystal and mineral hearts for your Valentine. In this case, having a heart of stone is a good thing!
Pocket Hearts- You rock!
Puffed Hearts- You make my heart swell.
Double Hearts- We are better together.
Geode Crystal Cluster Hearts- You are deep within my heart.

Polished Carnelian CandleYou Light Up My Life. When planning your romantic candlelit dinner with your Number 1, don’t forget the stone and crystal Candle Holders!
Polished- You are so fine, Valentine.
Selenite- I get a charge out of you!
Rough Natural- I love you just the way you are.
Quartz Crystal- You’re giving me good vibrations!

Green Aventurine Feng Shui Gemstone TreeOur Love Grows Strong. Skip the bouquet of flowers that will be dead in a week or two and give your Valentine a Gemstone Tree that never dies! Also, gemstone trees make for good Feng Shui, adding health, prosperity, and good fortune to the home. Bonus!
Small- Our relationship is growing day by day.
Medium- Our love is in full bloom.
Large- Our roots run deep.
Feng Shui- I wish you the best in all ways, always.

So, whether you are flying solo or happily coupled up, I hope this Valentine's Day Crystal Gift Guide helps you pick out some lovely gifts for yourself and loved ones.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

NT Team
NT Team

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