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Crystals for All Matters of the Heart

by Adrienne Goff January 30, 2020 0 Comments

Crystals for All Matters of the Heart

February perfumes the air with roses and draws attention to one of the most important chakras of all—the heart chakra. Valentine’s Day can be a celebration of love, in all of its beautiful expressions, and it can also trigger unhealed emotional issues. If your heart chakra could use some TLC, here are five crystals for healing common emotional concerns.

Tugtupite—Heart Opening/Universal Love: If you have shut down your heart or numbed your emotions after painful situations, Tugtupite is for you. It blows the heart chakra wide open for full activation. The heart energy then rushes to the higher chakras, which can expand your consciousness and Divine connection. Tugtupite has been called the “Mineral Ayahuasca” because of the visionary states it can produce, along with the high emotional states. It is a stone of passion and intense feeling, and it enhances joy, ecstasy, and a feeling of unity with all. It can also cause a necessary release of old emotions, which is its greatest gift. 

Dioptase—Heart Clearing: This radiant green gem has a high copper and silica content, which gives it the power to absorb and clear negative emotions, blockages, and patterns that cloud your heart chakra. If you have experienced or are experiencing any abuse, trauma, or unpleasant emotional events in your family, or have interpersonal relationships that feel karmic or dense, Dioptase can help! Dioptase can make you aware of any emotional attachments, cords, contracts, or blockages and where they are located. It acts to dissolve and clear these negative patterns and cords once and for all. The clearing that Dioptase does can ripple through several lifetimes at once, and it can even transmute genetic/family line patterns.

Rhodonite—Emotional Balance/Stability: Rhodonite is the perfect stone to turn to if you are experiencing erratic, intense, or out of control emotional states. Grab it when you are dealing with anxiety, panic, grief, severe anger or depression, over-reactive emotions, or emotional burnout. Rhodonite works to calm and balance these feelings, helping you to put them into proper perspective. Regular work with it can assist you in rebuilding a more stable emotional foundation. As a stone of forgiveness, it allows you to let go of the past and move on.

Rose Quartz—Self Love: There is no better stone than Rose Quartz for encouraging you to love yourself more. If you feel lonely, Rose Quartz will fill your heart with its loving presence, comforting you and reminding you that you are precious and worthy. If you are still carrying wounds in the heart from past experiences, Rose Quartz can help to heal them. If your heart is closed as a protective mechanism, Rose Quartz can encourage a gentle opening and greater receptivity to love. It enhances your sensitivity, empathy, and self-esteem.

Morganite—Attracting Love: Like Emerald, Morganite belongs to the beryl family, so it is sometimes referred to as the “Pink Emerald.” It helps you to be more abundant in love, increasing the amount and quality that you experience. Morganite is a top gemstone for attracting a new romantic relationship or new friendships. First, it helps you to identify blockages, patterns, and attitudes that stand in the way of developing new relationships, and then it clears these lower patterns. Next, Morganite helps to magnetize the right partner and connections that are a good match. It also helps you to maintain and grow your relationships.

Bless your heart on Valentine’s Day and increase the love vibration in your life with these beautiful heart chakra stones.

Adrienne Goff
Adrienne Goff

Adrienne Goff is a celebrated author, healer, and teacher with over fifteen years of experience as a crystal energy expert. For seven years, she has been a featured healer and speaker at the Earth- Keeper conferences hosted by James Tyberonn ( Adrienne has also been interviewed on the popular radio shows, Healing Conversations by Lauren Galey, The Cosmic Awakening Show by Michelle Walling, and others. She has written two books and a library of free articles that comprehensively cover the mineral kingdom, available at You can also find her informative crystal healing articles on major metaphysical websites such as,, and on the popular youtube channel, Higher Self.

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