Pyrite Iron Cross Twin (Goethite PS. After Pyrite) – Portable Vortex, Spiritual Activator, Energetic Alchemist

Pyrite Iron Cross Twin (Goethite PS. After Pyrite) – Portable Vortex, Spiritual Activator, Energetic Alchemist

Pyrite Iron Cross Twin (Goethite PS. After Pyrite) – Portable Vortex, Spiritual Activator, Energetic Alchemist

“Holding me is like having the power of the Sedona vortexes in your hands!” This is the first message I got during my initial meditation with a Pyrite Iron Cross Twin with Goethite.

Pyrite Iron Cross Twin (Goethite PS. After Pyrite) – What is it, exactly?

Nature’s Treasures now has this exciting new stone to offer that was found near Gachala, Columbia about two years ago - and they asked me to tune into it and share my experiences and energetic impressions. As a Crystal Energy Expert, Nature’s Treasures gave me an assignment I could not refuse.

They placed it in my hands, and it felt like I was instantly plugged into a light socket! At that moment, I knew there was something exceptional and energetically revolutionary about this geometric hunk of iron. Now that I have worked with it in a deeper way, I am excited to share with you my findings and why I now believe that this is a must-have stone for everyone who is on a spiritual path. 

In the simplest terms, this stone can be described as a Pyrite crystal that has a thin layer of Goethite on the surface. Technically speaking, it is a Pseudomorph, which the website generally defines as, “One mineral that chemically replaces another mineral without changing the external form of the original mineral.” 

In the case of our beloved new stone, Goethite PS. After Pyrite is an Alteration Pseudomorph. The original Pyrite material was partially replaced with Goethite, which can be seen on the surface. Think of it like a peanut M&M, with chocolate on the outside (Goethite) and a peanut on the inside (Pyrite). You get a wonderful synergy of both - and so much more. This stone also has very special geometric structure called an iron cross twin. According to the website, here is the definition:

 “Iron-cross twins” are twinned crystals exhibiting the forms of two pentagonal dodecahedra (also known as pyritohedra). These twins display edges crossing at 90 degrees, and in an idealized/model twin, these edges form a cross. In nature, the edges that form the cross are sometimes not continuous or are not equal to one another, so a pyrite crystal that is twinned according to the iron-cross law may or may not exhibit an actual cross shape, but in any event the relationship of the crystals exhibits the “crossed” symmetry. 

If you look at the faces of the highest quality specimens, you can see the cross formations between clearly defined pentagonal (5-sided) shapes. This sacred geometry will have the effect of bringing your bio-energetic system into greater coherence, and I have a theory that it also has a connection with the Earth energy grids. (More on that later!)


My Assessment of the Energetic & Metaphysical Properties:


Based on my personal experiences and meditation with Pyrite Iron Cross Twin, here is a list of the main metaphysical properties I feel this stone exhibits: 

  • It is an activator, an accelerator, and an awakener. It raises your vibration and can enhance the psychic senses—especially clairsentience, clairvoyance, and claircognizance.
  • It serves as an anchor, and it helps you to adjust to higher cosmic and planetary frequencies (such as solar flares, spikes in the Schumann Resonance, astrological influences, etc.).
  • It is a personal, hand-held vortex. As such, it can bring up what needs to be cleared and healed, while providing the necessary energy to accomplish the clearing/healing. It can also be worked with to transcend 3D. It helps you to access other dimensional beings and realms, and to align with alternate timelines, realities, and probabilities.
  • It has a resonance with the Earth energy grid. It can be worked with at vortexes, ley lines, and power spots to enhance energy flow and to correct energetic imbalances in the grid system. It can also help you to access ancient knowledge and mystical information available at these special Earth power spots.
  • It has an instructional quality to it that will guide you in how to use it and where to place it. Follow your instincts when working with it, and place it over any chakras or areas of your body that begin to vibrate when you hold the stone.
  • Its energetic output and frequency can adjust and fluctuate based on the surrounding energetic stimuli in order to quickly create greater coherency and perfection. (For instance, if it is placed on a chakra, it can adjust its energy to effectively treat that chakra and bring in what is needed.) The goal of this stone is to bring greater unity, integration, and wholeness.
  • This stone works in an intense way, so it is recommended that you work with it in small increments of time until you get used to its energy. It responds to your consciousness. Therefore, it is helpful for you to hold a specific intention when working with it, and also to ask that all energetic modifications be executed in a way that you can comfortably handle and integrate in your bio-system.
  • It strengthens your energy field and offers protection from negative energy and EMFs. It has a mathematical quality that also sharpens the mental body and strengthens the intellect—helping you to connect the dots.
  • It is highly energizing and will replenish areas of energetic depletion, while enhancing energy flow through the meridians and chakras. It is ideal for kundalini activation.
  • It can assist with recycling old energies and densities. It can help you break down outdated thought structures/patterns and build something new and better on a spiritually sound foundation.
  • It embodies the archetype of the magician, and it assists with personal alchemy and manifestation. Think of it as a magic ingredient that accelerates the manifestation of what you focus upon. 

Allow me to describe in detail what happened in my fact-finding meditations with this powerhouse stone. When I am seeking to understand the energy of a new stone, my method is to hold it and pay attention to any initial impressions and energetic sensations. Next, I extend an invitation to connect with the consciousness and sentience within the stone, and I ask it to share with me information about its special energy and properties.


Physical Sensations When Handling It:


Each time I pick up the Pyrite Iron Cross Twin, I am immediately struck by the intense vibrational sensations that are so easy to feel—heat, tingling, and swirling. The vibrational energy reminds me of Moldavite, the green tektite of transformation that activates you and raises your vibration. I consider Pyrite Iron Cross Twin to also be a spiritual activator and accelerator.   

When I hold it, I feel a unique electromagnetic charge that also reminds me of Preseli Bluestone, which was brought in from Wales to create Stonehenge and other sacred stone circles in the region. Preseli Bluestone anchors you to both the core of the Earth and the Galactic core, stabilizing you and helping you to adjust to higher energy. I got the message that Pyrite Iron Cross can serve the same function. It is also an anchor that helps you to adjust to higher and ever increasing cosmic and planetary frequencies. As the energy continues to accelerate due to solar activity, incoming cosmic frequency, Schumann resonance spikes, and astrological forces, this stone will be a valuable, stabilizing agent.


Intuitive Messages Received in Meditation:


In my initial meditation with this stone, I asked it to give me a symbol of its energy and function. What I saw was a golden tornado—like a swirling energy vortex. That’s when I heard it say, “Holding me is like having the power of the Sedona vortexes in your hands!” 

The stone began to trigger what I know about Earth vortex areas from teachers such as James Tyberonn. Vortexes occur when two or more ley lines or energy veins cross, creating a spiraling of energy, dimensional doorways, and energetic acceleration/activation. As such, they are ideally approached with reverence, awareness, and intention.

Spending time in a vortex can stir up energy blockages, old emotions, and awareness of areas of your life that are out of alignment. This is ultimately a gift to help you clear what is no longer serving you, so that you can raise your vibration and align with your highest path and expression. Pyrite Iron Cross Twin will also perform this valuable service of bringing up what you need to clear and heal, while simultaneously providing the energy needed to achieve the clearing/healing.

Vortexes are also areas where the veils are thinner and where you can access doorways to other dimensional realities. Pyrite Iron Cross Twin can activate your psychic senses and connect you to higher dimensional realities, beings, and even alternate timelines and versions of yourself.  

I had two very clear dimensional bleed-through experiences right after meditating with this stone. I was in a deep state of consciousness, close to sleep. The first imagine I saw was a version of myself that was a tall extraterrestrial with luminous, glowing skin. I had a large head with no hair, large eyes, and small facial features. 

Next, I received a visitation from another version of myself (as Adrienne Goff), but in a different timeline or parallel reality. This version of me was slimmer and appeared to be healthier. Her skin was in better shape, though there were still some fine lines and wrinkles. Her hair was similar to mine, but slightly darker and with a smoother texture. (It looked like she is going easier on the highlights and chemical hairstyling products than I do.) The overwhelming sense was that things were lighter and easier in her timeline. Receiving this visitation was motivational--I got the impression that this stone was helping me to align with other probabilities so that I can manifest them here.   

After receiving that download, the Pyrite Iron Cross Twin told me that it has a geometric relationship with the newly activated Earth grid system. It reminded me of the description of its iron cross formation as “two pentagonal dodecahedra.” Then it asked me if that sounded familiar. Immediately a light bulb went off, and I made a connection with information stored somewhere in my mental body. 

According to a Metatron channel by James Tyberonn, a new Earth grid system became fully activated in 2012, and it is in the shape of a “double penta-dodecahedron!” It has 144 facets, is crystalline in nature, and can expand one’s dimensional access. Although the actual external shape of Pyrite Iron Cross Twin doesn’t look exactly the same as the depictions of this new Earth grid, the stone tells me that there is a geometric relationship and resonance. Therefore, working with it can assist you in connecting with the new grid system, which gives access up to the 12th dimension. 

Next, the Pyrite Iron Cross Twin showed me visions of working with it for Earth healing, and at power spots and vortex areas to access ancient knowledge and mystical information. If you feel called to do advanced Earth healing work, you could place this stone strategically on ley lines or in areas where the energy needs to be balanced, cleared, or enhanced. If you are scheduled to visit an Earth power spot or ancient site, meditating with this stone at your destination can help bring through a download of information from the Akashic records. 

Next, the Pyrite Iron Cross Twin wanted to show me what it could do to assist the human energy system. It became immediately clear that this stone has an instructional quality to it. It will guide you how to best work with it, as it stimulates your claircognizance and clairsentience (your ability to know and feel).  Your job is to trust your instincts when working with it. 

I was immediately pulled to place it on my third eye, the center of the mental body and psychic senses. I held it there and felt its vibration speed up. After just a few minutes, I felt a strong sensation at the base of my skull, the zeal chakra, which is the center of multidimensional telepathic communication. I took that as a sign to move the stone to the zeal chakra, so I placed it there and closed my eyes. I saw a murky green color ray with my third-eye vision. This color didn’t look healthy to me, so I kept the stone in place. I felt the energy of the stone rev up again, and the color started to transform from the murky green shade to purple. I interpreted this to mean that the stone corrected the energy at the zeal chakra. 

After that, I felt a sensation in my solar plexus chakra, which guided me to place the stone there. I was pulled to roll it around on my abdomen. So I did, and I felt the energy become lighter and less restricted in that entire area. I continued to move the stone to areas where I felt sensations in my body, until I had effectively treated several energy blockages and imbalances. 

One thing I noticed during this experiment is that the stone seemed to adjust its energetic frequency and output based on what was required at each chakra or area of the body. It also worked in an intense way to quickly shift each area into greater clarity and perfection. If you are sensitive to the vibration of stones, I recommend that you work with it in smaller intervals of time to allow your body to adjust to its intensity. The stone seems to have an attitude of, “Let’s get in there fast and dredge the entire pond all at once.” 

It responds to your consciousness. Therefore, it is helpful for you to hold a specific intention when working with it, and also to ask that all energetic modifications be executed in a way that you can comfortably handle and integrate in your bio-system. 

After this personal energy healing session was accomplished, I continued my meditation; and what I saw next was a whole bunch of math. I saw a series of complex mathematical equations that meant absolutely nothing to my conscious mind. I normally associate seeing mathematical equations with receiving a download of light codes for the activation of your psychic senses and spiritual gifts. 

I asked what the math meant, and to try to simplify it for me, the stone showed me just one mathematical symbol--which was an f. Later, I looked up what the mathematical symbol for f means, and it stands for a function. A mathematical function is like a machine that has an input and an output, and the output is somehow related to the input. I got the message that, if I took the time to study mathematical functions, I would have a better understanding of how this stone works. 

After the failed math lesson, the Pyrite Iron Cross Twin went on to give me more information in English and images. I was shown some other ways in which it works to perfect the human energy system. It strengthens the energetic shielding around the body, helping to keep you protected from negative energy and EMFs. The stone’s iron content, the complex geometric formation, and mathematical quality all come into play to achieve this powerful shielding. They also influence the mental body to function at a higher, sharper level. 

Pyrite Iron Cross Twin is also a good rehab stone if you are energetically sluggish, drained, or depleted. It replenishes energy reserves in the body, while stimulating the flow of energy through the chakras and meridians. Placed at the root chakra, it can initiate kundalini activation.

Finally, the stone left me with one other important image—a vision of Merlin, the Magician. It aligns with the archetype of magic and personal alchemy, and it can assist with manifestation projects. In order to create something new, sometimes you must dismantle and recycle old energy and beliefs that are not in alignment. This stone will help you to do that, transforming old densities and patterns into something new and golden. Think of Pyrite Iron Cross Twin as a magic ingredient that will accelerate the manifestation process. Meditate with it, and focus on wonderful outcomes. Before you know it, you will see them pop into your reality matrix.

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