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Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Earth Mamas

Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Earth Mamas

Here’s the scenario: You’ve got an Earth Momma and Mother’s Day is right around the corner. You know she loves nature and the Earth and does what she can to take care of it. She’s a natural beauty who turns her back on using harsh chemicals in her home and body. And just like the Earth, she nurtures and supports you and/or your children. So, what to get her this Mother’s Day? Well wonder no more, Nature’s Treasures is here with our Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Earth Mamas.

You’re My Rock, Ma!
Give your Mother and Baby Momma a gift to show your appreciation for all her hard work and let her know how much you think she rocks! We have a huge selection of Crystals & Minerals; Jewelry, Incense, Oils & Smudges; Books & Card Decks; and Home Decor pieces.  Here are some of our Top Picks for Mother’s Day 2020.

Nature's Treasures ATX Citrine Heart ClusterAlways In My Heart. Nothing says I Love You like receiving a beautiful gemstone heart. We offer a wide assortment of crystal, stone and mineral hearts in a large variety of styles and sizes.

Puffed Hearts- I think you’re swell!

Pocket Hearts- May your pockets be heavy and your heart light.

Double Hearts- Our hearts are connected forever.

Geode Crystal Cluster Hearts- You sparkle and shine!


Nature's Treasures Honey & Sage I Am Free Natural Body Foot SoakA Natural Beauty.  She doesn't believe in using chemicals to enhance her appearance and she doesn't need them.  She looks great so treat her with these natural and organic beauty products and tools to indulge her senses.

Gemstone Face Rollers & Gua Shas- Help keep that face you love so much looking youthful, vibrant, and happy with gemstone face rollers and Gua Shas.

rareEssence Oils & Gifts- She’ll smell good, look good, and feel good with these 100% pure essential oil products of the highest quality. Made in the USA with organic and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Honey & Sage- Committed to nurturing women in all phases of life, Honey & Sage developed an elegant apothecary line of soaks, scrubs, lotions and sprays made with organic ingredients.

Generation Bee- Think she’s the bee’s knees? Treat her to luxurious bath & body products made with pure essential oils, all natural ingredients, and bee pollen that is personally collected from the founder.


Nature's Treasures Genuine Moldavite Moon Necklace PendantYou’re A Gem! Gemstone Jewelry is always a popular gift and Mother’s Day is an especially great time to give the gift of crystal jewelry to let her know how precious she is. Here are some popular stones for Mother’s Day and some suggested messages that go with them:

Moonstone- I love you to the Moon and back.

Rose Quartz- You’re as sweet as a flower.

Moldavite- You are out of this world!

Herkimer Diamond- You shine bright like a diamond.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Earth Mamas Out There!  Whether you live close or far away, I hope this Mother’s Day Gift Guide helps you pick out some lovely gifts for the Mothers in your life. We ship around the country, so order in time for her big day. And while you’re at it, pick something out for you too! You deserve it. 

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