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Crystals to Grab in a Crisis

Crystals to Grab in a Crisis


Life can change in a flash, as COVID-19 has shown us. There is much strength, grace, resilience, and adaptability in the human spirit, and emergency situations compel us to draw upon these inner resources. Especially in an ongoing crisis, there will be times when you might need extra energetic support to keep you going. Get through the tough times with the help of these three stones.


Tumbled BloodstoneKnown as the stone of the spiritual warrior, Bloodstone will keep you grounded, protected, empowered, and responsive to any challenge that life throws your way. Bloodstone fortifies the lower chakras and gives you an extra boost during extreme circumstances. It helps you to be very focused in the present moment so that you can respond with appropriate action. Bloodstone also motivates altruism and your desire to serve your community.

Bloodstone is a top-level healing stone that is one to grab if you are experiencing a health crisis. It detoxifies and boosts many systems of the body--the immune, endocrine, reproductive, lymphatic, and circulatory systems. A stone of well-being and vitality, it strengthens the root chakra and physical energies. This gives Bloodstone a rejuvenating quality that can speed up the natural healing process. It is especially helpful when you are fatigued, exhausted, and drained.

Bloodstone also has a clearing and balancing effect on the emotions that emergencies can stir up: anxiety, disorientation, anger, irritability, and fear. It calms and sharpens the mind, while promoting a positive, encouraged attitude. Bloodstone also strengthens your aura, keeping you protected from lower energies and outside influences.


Nature's Treasures Amazonite HeartThis beautiful, aquatic-feeling stone is like a soothing balm for anyone battered by a crisis. It has a triclinic crystalline structure. Triclinic stones embody an internal geometry that is best suited for releasing and transforming trauma on any level—physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.

Working with Amazonite can have the same healing effects as jumping into a natural water source, such as Barton Springs–it is very balancing, refreshing, purifying, and calming. It has a soothing effect on the emotions, chakras, and physical body. It calms a frazzled nervous system, while dissipating anxiety, fear, worry, and irritability. Amazonite cleanses negativity from the mental body, all chakras, and all layers of the aura, while keeping your energy field protected from EMF’s and lower vibrations. It also replenishes depleted chakras-- promoting energy flow, renewal, and a sense of well-being.

Stressful circumstances can tax the body and create imbalance. Amazonite promotes general physical health by bringing many systems of the body into greater equilibrium and harmony with each other. It can also stimulate the release of disharmonious residue from the cells.


Almandine Garnet Cluster SpecimenGarnet is a dynamic stone that will help you shine, even under the most difficult of circumstances. It is known to boost your coping skills and survival instinct, while helping you sustain a positive, can-do attitude in the face of adversity and trauma. It is a protective stone with a stabilizing effect on chaotic energy—bringing order to thoughts, emotions, physical body systems, and general discordant energy.

Garnet clears all chakras and promotes balance and energy flow through your whole system. It is a stone of vitality and regeneration, powerfully stimulating the lower chakras and life force energy so that you are ready to perform on the physical plane.

Garnet is also a body-friendly mineral with powerful healing properties. It detoxifies the vital organs, stimulates metabolism, and heals the circulatory system, heart, lungs, DNA, reproductive system, and digestive processes.


Remember, you have the power to overcome—and these stones can help!







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