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7 Ways to Work with Shungite!

7 Ways to Work with Shungite!

7 Ways to Work with Shungite

by Adrienne Goff, Crystal Healing Expert


There’s a lot of buzz about Shungite in the metaphysical community, and rightfully so. This unique and uncommon stone from Russia, composed mainly of carbon, is over 2 billion years old. Most geologists believe that the deposit was created by layers of ancient organic material and algae. Some postulate that it might even be a part of a meteorite that crashed here, originating from the asteroid belt. What’s exciting about Shungite is that it has a wide array of beneficial energetic properties due to a powerful and rare secret ingredient: fullerene molecules.



Fullerenes are hollow molecular carbon cages that form into the sacred geometry shape of the dodecahedron, which looks like a soccer ball. Fullerenes are a relatively new discovery, and scientists are finding that fullerenes have healing, protective, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and detoxifying qualities. Russian and Ukrainian scientists have demonstrated that the fullerenes in Shungite help to neutralize many forms of harmful energy, including EMFs and geopathic stress. In Russia, Shungite has been integrated into water purification systems since the 90s, as it safely removes harmful substances.


Fullerenes have unique properties


In the 90s, Russians also created the first Shungite chamber, which is a room lined with Shungite tiles. Designed to support physical and emotional recovery, they are now incorporated into medical clinics and spas. Since Shungite can correct imbalances in the bioenergetic field, spending time in a Shungite room has been shown to assist in the treatment of physical health issues, as well as trauma, depression, and other psychological conditions.


Three Types of Shungite:

Shungite comes in three grades: Black or Regular, Petrovsky, and Elite or Noble. Black or Regular Shungite is the most common form, which contains between 30 and 50% carbon. Petrovsky Shungite has a carbon content between 50 and 70% and is a grayish black color. Elite or Noble Shungite has an extremely high carbon content, 98%, and is the purest and rarest form. Only about 1% of Shungite is classified as Elite or Noble, and it has a shiny, silver appearance. Shungite stones with a higher carbon content have a higher fullerene count, making them more powerful and fast-acting.


3 Types of Shungite Regular Petrovsky and Noble or Elite

If you are ready with a stockpile of Shungites and want to know what to do with them, here are my top suggestions:

 1. Shield yourself from EMFs.

 Modern life runs on cell phones, WIFI routers, electrical appliances, computers, and other devices that emit EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies). Absorbing excessive amounts of EMFs can disrupt the bioenergetic system and diminish health. Scientists have demonstrated that Shungite can significantly decrease the detrimental effects of cell phone radiation and EMFs on the human body. (It doesn't block your WIFI, it simply protects from the harmful effects.) 

Place Shungite near the source of EMFs (such as electrical devices or your WI-FI router) or wear it as jewelry to block the negative effects. A pendant works nicely as a general EMF shield for your body, or you could wear Shungite bracelets when you are typing away on the computer, tablet, or cell phone. You can even purchase a small, flat Shungite with an adhesive side that is specifically designed to attach to the back of your cell phone.


2. Maintain your bioenergy. 

Wear Shungite as jewelry (or keep in it your pockets) to maintain your energy system at optimal levels. There are 

Speaking of jewelry, Shungite is the perfect stone to wear on your body daily to keep your bioenergetic system clear, balanced, and protected. It clears all of the major chakras and layers of the aura, while correcting energetic imbalances in your system and promoting energy flow. Shungite also creates a protective shield around you that prevents various forms of negative energy from infiltrating.

A Shungite pendant works great, as it falls in the centerline of your body, where your major chakras are located. To treat and balance the auric field, you could add a Shungite bracelet on each wrist, or wear earrings. If jewelry isn’t your thing, place a Shungite in your pocket.


3. Use Elite or Noble Shungite to make Shungite water.

It has been scientifically proven that placing Shungite in water can purify it within 3 days. It absorbs and removes bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals, chlorine, and pharmaceuticals. In addition to purifying the water of contaminants, it also charges the water with its beneficial healing properties. People report feeling energized, balanced, and emotionally centered after drinking Shungite water. Only use Elite or Noble Shungite in water meant for consumption, as it is 98% carbon and is the purest and cleanest form.

Here’s how to make Shungite water: Rinse your Elite or Noble Shungite stones first and add about 1/8 cup of Shungite stones per half gallon of water. Allow the Shungite to soak in the water for at least 24 hours before drinking.

4. Take a Shungite bath for energetic clearing.

If you are in a negative space and require an energetic detox, treat yourself to a Shungite bath. Water is a natural conductor of energy that can hold and transmit frequencies you introduce to it. Shungite emits healing and purifying energy that charges the bathwater when placed in it.

Fill the tub with warm water and add some Shungite stones. You could also add a cup or two of Epsom salt or sea salt for extra cleansing power. Soak and relax for 20 minutes or longer. During that time, you could call in the Violet Flame to clear any negative energy that you might havepicked up or are generating yourself. Visualize purple flames permeating your entire body and aura. Any negativity that the Violet Flame touches will become transmuted into pure white light.

 5. Emotional healing technique:

Shungite has a wonderful balancing and uplifting effect on the emotions. It is especially helpful when you are feeling stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, angry, or depressed. Remarkable psychological benefits have been noted when people who went through traumas got to spend time in Shungite rooms. You don’t need a Shungite room to get some emotional relief, as this technique only requires two stones. Try this the next time you want to shift your emotional state.

Lie down comfortably. Place one Shungite over the heart chakra, located at the center of the chest, and rest your left hand over it. Place another Shungite on the solar plexus chakra, located a few inches above the belly button, and rest your right hand over it. Simply relax and focus on taking nice, deep breaths. Leave the stones in place for a minimum of fifteen minutes and imagine love and light flowing into your entire body. Allow the Shungite stones to absorb any discordant emotional energy and move you back into emotional equilibrium.

6. Physical healing and pain relief technique:

When it comes to physical healing, research on the fullerene molecules inside of Shungite is looking really promising. One thing that practitioners are noticing is that Shungite seems to speed up the body’s natural healing process and that it offers pain relief. Medical clinics in Russia probably wouldn’t have invested in building Shungite rooms if there wasn’t compelling evidence that Shungite has healing effects. If you have aches, pains, inflammation, arthritis, or another medical condition, you can safely work with Shungite in addition to any medical treatments recommended by your doctor. (Please note, this technique is not intended to replace medical advice or treatment. Always seek and follow medical advice from a doctor or a qualified health practitioner.)

For pain relief or to treat a specific condition, cleanse a Shungite stone and place it over or near the area of the body that is painful or in need of healing. Leave it in place for a minimum of fifteen minutes and visualize green healing energy flowing into the area. You could also place your hands over the stone to send healing energy into this part of your body. If practical, you could use a piece of medical tape to secure the stone in place as you go about your day.

7. Energizing & grounding technique:

 Shungite has been a part of the Earth for over 2 billion years, therefore it can help you with grounding, root chakra issues, and forming a solid Earth connection. It is known to activate and stimulate the lower chakras, while balancing overactivity in the higher chakras. If you arefeeling drained and depleted, Shungite revitalizes you and restores your energy. When you feel like your lower chakras could use some TLC, try this technique:

 Lie down comfortably. Place one Shungite over your sacral chakra, located a couple of inches below your belly button, and place both hands over it. Shungite at the sacral chakra can replenish your life force energy and boost your vitality. Imagine a beam of light from the sun entering here and energizing your entire being.

Next, place another Shungite at the root chakra to assist with grounding and Earth connection. Visualize that you are in the presence of the most magnificent tree you’ve ever seen. Imagine sitting at the base of the tree with your back against it, knees bent, and bare feet planted on the Earth. Place your hands on the Earth, too. Merge with the tree, see yourself inside of the trunk. Imagine energy cords or roots shooting down into the Earth through your root chakra, hands, and feet. Allow them to spread and expand along the tree’s root structure. When you come to the end of the tree’s roots, swiftly shoot your roots through all of the layers of the Earth until you reach the core. Anchor in, and feel the love and support flowing back to you from this beautiful planet.

As you can see, Shungite is a must-have stone for keeping your personal energy and environment balanced, clear, and protected. Especially in the current times, you can never have too many Shungites. Stock up and put them to good use.


  • What a wonderful article. As always, Adrienne, informs and inspires.
    I just pulled out my 2 Shungite bracelets and am wearing them.

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