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Libyan Desert Glass: The Galactic Treasure of the Ancient Egyptians

Libyan Desert Glass: The Galactic Treasure of the Ancient Egyptians

 by Adrienne Goff, Healing Crystal Expert

Moldavite has been having a big moment, but have you heard of Libyan Desert Glass (aka Libyan Gold Tektite)? It’s also an extremely rare, high-vibe tektite that formed from a meteorite crash. The Ancient Egyptians revered this golden space gem, honoring it with the title of “the Rock of God.”

Origin Story

Libyan Desert Glass came into existence approximately 28 million years ago, making it about 13 million years older than Moldavite. It is found in the Sahara Desert in Libya and Egypt, and it has a beautiful yellow or golden color that reflects the hues of the desert sands.

Its formation story was a puzzle for centuries that was just definitively solved in 2019. Some researchers believed that it formed due to an airburst, which happens when a meteorite hurls through the atmosphere and explodes above Earth. Others postulated that it formed from an ancient nuclear explosion, which implies that there is still so much we don’t know about the technological savvy of the ancients. (Cue the Ancient Aliens theme song!)

We now have proof that Libyan Desert Glass actually formed as a result of a meteorite crashing into Earth. The energy of the impact instantly melted the sand and rocks, hurling the material into the air, which cooled during flight and formed tektites. Scientists recently detected the presence of Reidite minerals inside of Libyan Desert Glass, which is a mineral that can only form during specific high-pressure situations, like meteorite impacts.


Libyan Desert Glass Pendulum on a Shungite Sakara style step pyramid.


Historical Use

Although Libyan Desert Glass was officially discovered and recorded in a 1932 survey, the ancients certainly recognized and worked with this extraordinary material. There’s evidence that it was used in tools all the way back to the Pleistocene age (2.58 million to 11,700 years ago). It was also incorporated into weapons, carvings, and jewelry by the Ancient Egyptians.

Perhaps the most famous jewelry example we have comes from King Tut’s funerary necklace. The centerpiece is an ornate scarab carved from a piece of Libyan Desert Glass. The Ancient Egyptians held a belief that this necklace was infused with spiritual powers. It’s fascinating that Libyan Desert Glass was a stone of choice for Egyptian royalty. Perhaps they understood and appreciated the special energetic properties of this remarkable tektite.


Metaphysical Properties

 Like all tektites and impact glasses, Libyan Desert Glass has a powerful, zippy vibration that can be felt as heat or tingling sensations. As a stone that blends Earth material with galactic frequencies, it is a favorite stone of star-seeds and spiritual people who consider their true home to be a place beyond Earth. This high energy stone can benefit you on multiple levels:



· Activates the higher chakras to support psychic awakening, spiritual development, and ascension. Libyan Desert Glass has a high spiritual frequency that influences your own chakras to vibrate at a higher rate. This leads to the quickening of your psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. It helps you to expand your consciousness beyond 3D and to have visions of other realms and realities. Ultimately, it can assist you with raising your light quotient and advancing to a new level in Earth school.
· Helps you to access the Akashic records. If you are interested in exploring your past or future lifetimes, Libyan Desert Glass can serve as an access code for use in meditation. It is especially helpful in bringing back lost, ancient knowledge from Egypt and Atlantis.
· Connects you with galactic beings and energies. Libyan Desert Glass can open a line of communication with extraterrestrial forces. It has a special resonance with Sirius, Orion, and the Hathors, although you can consciously work with it to connect with many other positively oriented cosmic races. Be sure to hold a clear intention that you only want to connect with benevolent beings who are aligned with love and good.
· Provides powerful spiritual protection. Libyan Desert Glass helps you to set strong and clear energetic boundaries, while strengthening your shields. This prevents you from being drained or attacked by others and outside forces. It will keep you protected when doing spiritual work, such as astral projection, psychic readings, or energy healing.


Emotional & Mental:


· Supports you in having a positive emotional attitude. This golden tektite is like a ray of sunshine that boosts your mood. It brings out your inner light and helps you to be happy, playful, radiant, social, and positive. As a solar plexus stone, it heightens your confidence and self-esteem, giving you an empowered, can-do attitude.
· Great for emotional clearing work. Libyan Desert Glass helps to unwind emotional knots, energy, and congestion--especially in the heart and solar plexus chakras. It can be used in psychic surgery to remove old, outdated patterns and behaviors.
· Sharpens the mental body. Libyan Desert Glass supports clarity of thought, learning, discernment, and reasoning. It’s a great one to work with when you have a lot to figure out, or when you need to access your inner brilliance.
· One of the best manifestation stones on Earth. If you are trying to manifest something new and wonderful in your life, Libyan Desert Glass will speed up the process. It powerfully activates your solar plexus and gets you in touch with your inner royalty, personal power, and self-worth. It enhances your ability to form a clear intention (in the mental body), and to get excited about it (in the emotional body). This helps to quickly move you into vibrational alignment with what it is you want to manifest.




· Energizes the body. Due to its high vibration, Libyan Desert Glass stimulates many systems of the body and can replenish your energy levels. Grab it when you feel drained or depleted to give your life force energy a boost. It beautifully supports and balances the immune and endocrine systems.
· Supports the healing of digestive issues. Libyan Desert Glass is known to help heal stomach and digestive problems, such as irritable bowel syndrome, nausea, improper digestion, issues with absorbing nutrients, ulcers, etc.
· Helps with grounding and Earth connection. Many starseeds struggle to fully connect with this planet, as they feel like their home is in the stars. Libyan Desert Glass assists with grounding. It reminds you that you are here for a reason--to bring higher levels of light and consciousness into this reality. It helps lightworkers to access the highest possible frequencies of love, light, and information and to then ground it into the Earth plane for the benefit of all.


In closing, I am holding a big piece of Libyan Desert Glass right now, and this is the message it wants to share:


I am petrified star-light mixed with crystalline sand.
You’re holding an epic moment of the past in your hand.
More precious than gold, filled with ancient stories untold.
The records and star codes will ultimately be revealed,
Brightly glistening for those who are listening.


  • I own a couple pieces of Libyan Desert Glass as well as a couple pieces of Moldavite
    I am drawn more to the Libyan tektite which by the way does have a buzz to it
    Thanks for the wonderful write up on this Libyan Desert Gem

    Cami Forsell on

  • Thank you for the insight. I have just ordered a pendant. Have a blessed day .

    Chris on

  • Very interesting reading in Libyan Desert Glass. Love the depth and practicality;I must pick up a peice!!

    Jana Zetterman on

  • Hey Goff: A very tech-tight article if I say so myself. And I just did.

    Séamus on

  • Beautiful. Are you selling any? I’d love to have a piece.

    Rebecca Hidalgo Rains on

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