Natural Polished Bloodstone Sphere 30 MM || Grounding, Mental Peace || South Africa

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These Bloodstone Spheres harness forces from deep within the Earth to power and heal. Bloodstone is a great purifier ridding the auric field of negative influences, grounding, bringing in a sense of balance and wholeness. In the middle ages, the red spots were thought to be spots of Christ's blood giving the stone his healing powers.

  • This is a naturally grown stone. Each piece varying slightly in color, texture, and pattern. This makes each item special and does not detract from the natural beauty of each one.
  • Will Receive 1 Bloodstone Sphere
  • Size: ~ 30 MM / 1 Inch 
  • Sustainably and ethically mined by local farmers in South Africa.
  • Bloodstone is a variety of Opaque Chalcedony with a hardness of 6.5-7.

Good to know: For a further boost with grounding and protection Bloodstone works well with Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian, and Jet.

Type: Spheres
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Customer Reviews

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T (Pennsylvania, United States)

Great gift, jealous I didn't get one for myself.

J L ALT (Oregon, United States)

cool and the sphere is nice too