Black Obsidian Half-Polished Point

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These Black Obsidian are naturally formed volcanic glass with specks of white inclusions that has been partially carved and polished into points. Harness forces from deep within the Earth to power psychic protection, grounding, and cutting negativity from your life. Obsidian is a volcanic rock with an amorphous structure, known for its usefulness with all types of scrying including spirit communication. 

Perfect for use in meditation and other forms of energy work.  Obsidian aids in decluttering the unconscious mind including past life trauma, and one's shadow, transmuting experiences through the heart. 

  • Each piece varying slightly in color, texture, and pattern. This makes each item special and does not detract from the natural beauty of each one.
  • Quantity = 1 Black Obsidian Point
  • Size Option: Medium, Large
  • Medium Size: ~ 6 Inches x 4 Inches - 5 Inches
  • Large Size: ~ 7.25 Inches x 3.5 Inches - 5 Inches
  • Mineral with a hardness of 5-5.5 
  • Careful when handling - Obsidian is glass.
  • Sustainably and ethically mined by local farmers in Mexico.
  • Metaphysical Properties - Grounding, Cutting Negative Ties, Protection. 

Good to know: Black Obsidian works well with other grounding stones to aid with anxiety such as Black Tourmaline, Smoky Quartz, and Jet.  Paired with Moldavite it can help ground high-vibrational transformation in the physical world. 

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n (Texas, United States)

The stone is beautiful but it was broken when it arrive