Angelic Lush Blue Calcite Spheres || Anxiety And Stress Reliever, Clairvoyant Enhancer || Madagascar

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Blue Calcite: Perfect for sensitive souls, this soft, soothing stone is calming to the emotions and nervous system. It is a wonderful antidote to stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. It creates a bubble around the aura that filters and transmutes negative, disruptive energy in the environment, preventing it from affecting you. The protective and calming power of Blue Calcite enables your natural intuitive senses to safely branch out, so that you can pick up on thoughts and psychic data from others.

Blue Calcite has been known to enhance telepathy, multidimensional communication, and clairvoyant abilities such as seeing auras. It is also a dream stone, helping with recall, interpretation, and astral travel. Blue Calcite clears and activates the throat chakra, assisting with all forms of communication and expression. It heightens creativity, inspiring works of art and novel ideas. Blue Calcite is a great recovery stone, as it promotes rest, relaxation, and healing. It is known to lower blood pressure, reduce pain, and alleviate lung issues.

This is a natural product that has been professionally shaped and polished. This product in all varieties may show slight differences in weight, texture and pattern, and size, even if they're from the same variant.

  • From Madagascar
  • Sphere Options: 50mm - 90mm
  • Size Ranges: ~ 2 Inches - 4 Inches
  • Will receive 1 Sphere of your size choosing

    This product is ethically and sustainably sourced from our friends in Madagascar

    Type: Spheres

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    Duane Conklin (Indiana, United States)

    I didn't realize how beautiful this sphere actually is until I held it in my hands I am super pleased with the quality of this sphere