Deborah Dahmen

Deborah Dahmen

Holographic Energy Healer, Intuitive Reader, Past Life Regressionist

Deborah is a Soul Wisdom Alchemist channeling your Soul’s wisdom to bring healing, loving awareness and intuitive counseling to your concerns and desires. These include physical, emotional, mental, and past life healing as well as Soul wisdom and healing for your financial abundance, personal relationships, career goals, and spiritual connection.

Deborah’s spiritual journey began with a near death experience in 1985 that opened the door to greater awareness and ignited a desire to learn more about Soul connection. This eventually lead to mastery of many healing modalities so that your Soul and it’s helpers selected from the higher communities of light can choose the combination of modalities that will be most useful to you at the time you receive your healing/reading.

"Your Soul and it’s healing team gently and rapidly help you with even the most painful trauma without the need to re-experience pain or trauma. Some have said a session with me is like receiving a year of therapy in about an hour." -Deborah Dahmen

Deborah Dahmen: Spiritual Energy Healer, Channeler, Mentor, Teacher. Available: By Appointment Only. Call: 512-454-0529. E-mail: