Crystal Flames

Crystal Flames resemble and represent fire, one of the most potent energies on the Earth. Light a campfire outside and watch as life is drawn toward it. Brilliantly burning with orange, yellow, white and blue hues, fire can literally draw a line between survival and extinction.

Fire is both a creative and destructive force. It provides heat and purifies as it also destroys things by consuming them for fuel. It is transformative in nature causing objects to change form and become something different. As such, fire is a powerful tool in metaphysical applications--its metamorphic powers can be harnessed as an impetus for change.

When a fire is neither practical nor obtainable, crystal flames can serve symbolically in its place. Flames are especially useful for issues concerning assertiveness and procrastination. In addition, flames are known to awaken kundalini forces. Start manifesting your desires today with a crystal flame!

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