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The Magic of Shell’s

by T A July 03, 2018 0 Comments

Shells for Love photo by Diane Parma, Fossils & Shells Expert at Nature's Treasures Shop Online for Fossils & Shells at

Sea Shells for Love

by Diane Parma, Fossil and Shell expert at Nature's Treasures in beautiful Austin, TX

Aphrodite Rising from the Sea - Detail from "Primavera"  Shells and Love  Shop Nature's Treasures for Shells and Fossils 

Many  Bi-Valves, like the beautiful abalone, carry the essence of Aphrodite, making them very sought after as a symbol of love and affection. Sailor’s were known to gift these  beautiful seashells and various shell trinkets as a token of love.

In Hawaii, women have been known to wear flowers in their hair to show their status in their relationship (left for married, right for single). There are also woman that wear a shells in their hair -- it is said that it will attract a mate!

You can also use a hinged shell and write the initials of lovers on the inside of Bivalves then sealing the halves together thus keeping the lovers together through the ebb and flow of life, you can then think of throwing them back into the sea knowing that no matter what, together we can make it through any rough waters that may lay ahead.

 Cowries                                         Egg Cowries (Ovula Ovum) Photo by Diane Parma, Shell Expert at Nature's Treasures  Shop for Shells & Fossils at

Cowries are egg shaped, and are a symbol of womanhood, fertility, birth and abundance. The shape resembles a pregnant woman’s abdomen, thus it represents new life. The "egg cowries" (Ovula ovum) are used in Japan as a way of easing birth during labour.

Abalone Sea Ears (Abalone Haliotis)

Abalone is known for creating Love, Beauty and emotional healing.  Abalone shows us our inner beauty and our inner strength. It is a shell of peace and harmony and is said to bring in healing in all our relationship. The Abalone (Haliotis) also called the Sea’s Ear as it resembles a ear-- this is quite appropriate if you think about it, as it gives us the ability to listen to each other with compassion and understanding. This in turn helps us in all our communications, creating a more peaceful environment. This enables us to truly feel safe in expressing our innermost  feelings.


Diane is a Shell and Fossil Consultant as well as an Aura practitioner, Numerologist, Card reader, Palmist ect.


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