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Father's Day Gift Guide For Dads Who Rock

Father's Day Gift Guide For Dads Who Rock

“Daddies don’t just love their children every now and then, it’s a love without end.”- George Strait

Father's Day is coming up shortly and it is time to treat the men in our lives that serve as Dads to ourselves and our children.  They are the ones who committed to care, hold hands and hearts both big and small, and offer their protection and guidance for a lifetime.  So, what to get him for Father's Day?  Well, if you have a Dad in your life who is a Nature Lover or Rockhound, we've got the perfect Father's Day Gift Guide for you!

You Rock, Pa!

Give your Father and Baby Daddy a gift to show your appreciation for all his support and let him know how much you think he rocks! We have a huge selection of Crystals & Minerals; Jewelry, Incense, Oils & Smudges; Books & Card Decks; and Home Decor pieces.  To narrow it down for you, here are some of our Top Picks for Father's Day 2020.


Natures Treasures ATX Citrine Cluster Cut BaseI Dig You, Dad.

If you have a Dad who is a certifiable rockhound, or even a mineral collecting pup, you are in luck here!  We are the biggest rock, mineral, crystal shop in the US and you are sure to find something your Dad will love.

Rocks & Fossils- We have Agates, Ammonites, Arrowheads, Fossilized Bones & Carvings, Fossilized Shark Teeth, Obsidian, Onyx, Tiger's Eye and so much more!

Clusters & Geodes- Outstanding Crystal Clusters, Druzy, and Geodes for home and office decor. Some are already on stands!

Carved Skulls- Gemstone, Agate and Crystal carved skulls.  Human, Bird, Dragon or Alien skulls, we've got it!

Men's Jewelry- A large selection of natural, genuine, gemstone jewelry for men.


Natures Treasures ATX Marble Jade Polar Bear SetWild About Daddy!  

Whether he's wild at heart or wild about wilderness and animals, we have a large selection of hand carved rocks, minerals and stones in the shape of animals for your Papa Bear.

Marble- High quality hand carved marble sets of Polar Bear with Cubs.  Some even include jade!

Shungite- The "Miracle Stone" carved beautifully into highly detailed animal statues.

Palo Santo- Sacred Palo Santo animal carvings make nice, naturally aromatic gifts!

Totem Animal Crystal Grids- For Dads who like to make crystal grids and have a love of animals and their medicine!



I Will Palo You...

Palo Santo, or Holy Wood, is one of our most popular items. It has been used for centuries by Incas, Shamans, and people from Central & South America for its purifying, cleansing, protecting, and uplifting properties. It smells great in its natural form, burnt, or sprayed!  All our Palo Santo products are sustainably sourced and ethically harvested.

Incense & Sprays- Long lasting, premium grade, Palo Santo Incense & Cones and Room Sprays clears negativity, helps purify the air, and smell oh-so-good!

Sticks & Chunks-  If you prefer palo santo in its raw form, we carry palo santo sticks and chunks to burn.

Jewelry- Let him carry the beneficial and uplifting aroma of fragrance around him on the go while looking stylish at the same time with these palo santo jewelry pieces.

Happy Father’s Day to all you Rockin' Papas Out There!  Whether you live close or far apart, I hope this Father’s Day Gift Guide helps you pick out some wonderful gifts for the Fathers in your life. We ship around the world, so order in time for his big day. And while you’re at it, pick something out for you too! You deserve it.






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