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Crystals for Energetic Protection and Shielding

Crystals for Energetic Protection and Shielding

We are walking around in a vegetable soup of frequencies and there are certain ingredients that are best avoided. In these challenging times, many are experiencing distress and can inadvertently project negative energy, thoughts, and emotions. Sometimes we experience a psychic attack, which feels like a wave of aggressive, negative energy coming from a person who is either consciously or unconsciously sending us bad thoughts. In extreme cases, we can pick up entities or energetic attachments from others. They latch onto the auric field and can cause pronounced emotional disturbance and energy drain.

Another concern that we face doesn’t come from people but from technology. Modern life runs on cell phones, WIFI routers, electrical appliances, computers, and other devices that emit EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies). Absorbing excessive amounts of EMFs can disrupt the bioenergetic system and diminish health. Shield yourself from unwanted, harmful energy with these four protection stones.


Black Tourmaline :abradorite Necklace PendantBlack Tourmaline:  Black Tourmaline can address many forms of negative energy. It is an electrical gemstone that creates a forcefield around the body, deflecting lower vibrations, negative emotions and thoughts, psychic attack, spells, entities, EMFsand environmental pollutantsBlack Tourmaline has been called the etheric vacuum cleaner. It purifies lower frequencies and toxic energy, transforming it into pure light. You can work with Black Tourmaline to clear yourself if you have inadvertently picked up harmful energy from others or from your surroundings, or if you are experiencing negative emotional or mental states due to personal challenges. 



Labradorite Ganesh Necklace PendantLabradorite: Labradorite is a magical, protective stone that exhibits flashes of iridescent peacock colors when held in the light. It seals the aura and creates a barrier around it that safely contains and strengthens your personal energy. The flashy iridescent quality of Labradorite also creates a mirror effect that deflects negative energy and sends it on its way. This is especially helpful in preventing energy vampires or needy people from draining you, or other negative forces from infiltrating your field and interfering with your balance and well-being. Labradorite also enhances your psychic abilities and offers you protection while exploring other dimensions. 



 Miracle Stone Shungite Triangle NecklaceShungite: Shungite is a miracle stone from Russia that has a rare secret ingredient—fullerene molecules. Fullerenes are hollow molecular carbon cages that form into the sacred geometry shape of the dodecahedron, and researchers are finding that they have substantial healing, protective, and detoxifying qualities. Shungite can neutralize many forms of negative energy, including lower emotions and thought-forms, toxins of all kinds, and especially EMFs. Scientists have demonstrated that Shungite can significantly decrease the detrimental effects of cell phone radiation and EMFs on the human body. Place Shungite near the source of EMFs (such as electrical devices or your WI-FI router) or wear it as jewelry to block the negative effects. When worn, Shungite can also correct many imbalances in the auric field and in the emotional body, while enhancing vitality and general well-being.






Rainbow Fluorite Worry StoneFluorite: 

Fluorite is a radiant, highly structured stone that protects, clears, and stabilizes energy on multiple levels. It naturally forms in the shape of the cube and the octahedron. These sacred geometry shapes help to establish greater coherency, order, and strength in your auric field, which buffers you from intrusive energies. Fluorite clears negativity from the environment and your auric field, offering protection from EMFs, lower energies, thoughts from others, psychic attack, and other undesirable energies. It has been known to cloak your aura, making your energy signature undetectable by anyone sending negativity your way.

Wear or Carry at least one of these protective stones daily to keep your aura crystal clear and safely sealed!

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