Sun's Eye "Greenman Mist" (Small Bottle)

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Sun's Eye "Greenman Mist" is designed to foster a connection with the Masculine aspects of Nature; featuring earthy and spicy top notes in a base of Musk. 


  • Earthy and fragrant Room Spray. Use it to honor and balance the Sacred Masculine within and without.
  • May be helpful with clearing, protecting and setting intentions for sacred space, refreshing the auric body, and creating a sensory link to mystical aspirations. 
  • Pair it with Malachite  to strengthen a loving bond to masculine energies.


Sun's Eye Mystic Blends  sprays are made with a traditional blend of concentrated essential and fragrance oils, filtered water, and an emulsifier derived from coconut.


Spray Bottle: 2 fl. oz.


1 each

*Sun's Eye products are tools to remind the user of their intention. No guarantee of results is implied.*