Small Fiber Optic (Cat's Eye) Massage Point Tool || Meditative

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These Fiber Optic Glass massage points are synthetic, man-made variations of quartz that are formed to mimic the phenomenon of chatoyancy and are colored so that they give off the unique shimmering quality in a variety of beautiful colorations. Fiber Optic is said to be meditative and give beneficial capabilities based on the concept of color theory. These colors correspond with a different frequency based on the light spectrum and in turn will be able to correlate to different healing frequencies depending on your own personal belief structure or spiritual path and correlation with that color.

  • Will Receive 1 massage tool
  • Size:~ 2.25 Inch x 0.75 Inch
  • Imported from USA
  • Each one will be different in size, shape, color and appearance. 

Below is a list of some examples of this in action, but please don't think that the applications are limited to these functions. The only limits to their application are only as limited as your imagination:

Blue - physical communication, strengthening and regaining one's voice, connection to water energy & the ocean, stimulating and balancing the Throat Chakra

Dark Blue - Internal balance of energies, connecting a sense of belief with that of their own ideals, Ocean energy affiliation, cleansing, connecting, and balancing the Throat and Heart Chakras.

Dark Green - Powerful connection of the emotional body to the self, helps with enhancing empathy and connection, energy sensitivity, prosperity, growth, forest energy, balances and connects the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras

White - ethereal/spiritual communication, inner guidance, spiritual visions, conscious connection to the emotional body, stimulating and connecting the Crown and Third Eye Chakra.

Pink – Emotional balancing and comprehension, being in tune with one’s heart and connecting to one’s sense of will, gentle healing over time, connection to flowers, connecting and balancing the Root and Heart Chakras.

Red – Grounding, strength, vitality, energy, connection to the essence of flame and earth, asserting the strength of one’s will and drive, motivation, power, stimulating and balancing the Root Chakra

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This awesome little wand delivers big pleasure. My husband massages my feet with this almost every night.

Jessica T.
Fiber optic wand

The colors on this wand are wonderful! It's got a good weight to it and is a lovely addition to my collection.