Small Brecciated Jasper Double Terminated Massage Tool || Stability

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These Brecciated Jasper harness forces from deep within the Earth to power and heal. Brecciated Jasper is fragments of different stones melded together!  Its nurturing vibration of Red Jasper combined with the grounding energy of Hematite and amplified clearing of Quartz results in emotional stability and mental clarity.  Promoting feelings of wholeness, strength, and vitality. 

  • Will receive 1 massage tool
  • Size:~ 2.25 Inch x 0.75 Inch
  • Imported from China
  • Each one will be different in size, shape, color, patterns and inclusions.

Pro Tip:  Don't cleanse Brecciated Jasper in water as it contains Hematite which is an iron oxide mineral.  Sit it on a bed of Satin Spar or Selenite for a few hours to cleanse and charge it or use a smudge.

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Customer Reviews

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Sherry Taylor (Georgia, United States)
Precious stones

These are lovely stones and I just love them...I will buy more.

Thank you for the great review, Sherry! We are so glad you love your Precious Stones!