Rough Green Calcite in Burlap Bag 6oz

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Rough Green Calcite Stones are known for their ability to encourage stress relief as well as mind, body, and soul balance. A beautiful stone for the Heart Chakra.

Stones are acid washed to produce a smooth, waxy feel that also prevents chipping.

Product Details

  • Product sustainably and ethically sourced from Mexico
  • The total quantity will weigh out to ~ 6 oz
  • Comes in Burlap Bag
  • All stones in the burlap bag vary in appearance, weight, and size ranging from 0.25 inches to nearly 2+ inches. As such, the number of stones per purchase will vary.

Customer Reviews

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BtA (Denver, US)
Mineral samples are lovely

"grab bags" are always likely to be a "mixed bag." I've purchased ones for various stones here, and have found that ten out of ten have a nice mix of pieces. Eight out of ten have the clear, beautiful mid-size pieces I need for my work and some have small fragments or really large chunks - which might turn out to be exactly what you need for your own work of whatever kind so that's not really a negative. Really nice samples; I would definitely purchase again especially at this fair price.