Rose Quartz and Herkimer Diamond Pendulum - Sterling Silver || .925 Sterling Silver

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Rose Quartz & Herkimer Diamond Pendulum is a polished natural Rose Quartz pendulum with genuine Herkimer Diamond chips encased in a stainless steel and glass chamber.  Hanging from a sterling silver chain with crystal quartz bead, this pendulum comes with a organza bag.

Rose Quartz resonates with the Heart chakra and is the stone of compassion and Universal Love. Herkimer Diamond is a high frequency stone that greatly amplifies the Light and is known as the stone of attunement.  These two stones work together very well to divine answers related to all matters of the heart and to check in on the well-being of others.  As a healing pendulum, there is no better healing combination when finding imbalances in the auric body and to promote healing with love, light, and compassion.

  • Sterling Silver
  • Average size: 2 inch pendulum with 6 inch chain. 
  • Comes with organza bag.
  • Each piece is unique and stones will vary slightly in appearance.

Add Rose Quartz & Herkimer Diamond Pendulum to your spiritual toolbox today!

Type: Pendulums
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Customer Reviews

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Haylee (Queens, US)
One happy customer

I'm abso-freaking-lutely thrilled to have found such a lovely pendulum with dazzling Herkimer diamonds! I love to watch the diamonds sparkle and dance through the glass.
I felt its energy right out of the package and squealed--I knew we would be a match!
I played 21 questions with her, she was great at it so we played again.
Urgh, I'm so happy with my purchase!