Rose Quartz Gua Sha & Face Massage Roller Set || Health & Beauty

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Wow, guys Face roller and a Gua Sha! Can your skincare get any Better! Love Your Self! Rose Quartz is all about love and inner confidence. Don't worry about flare-ups every month just add a bit of love to your everyday skin routine and see the difference. 

Rose Quartz Crystals vary in color from soft pink to golden white. Rose Quartz can be found in masses, druses, veins & very rarely, as beautiful, small crystal clusters.
Properties and benefits include;  Rose Quartz effectively balances the Heart Chakra (4th).  These are crystals to release past wounds teaching trust and hope, and thoroughly cleansing the auric field.  Releasing tension, anger, and fear, while replacing them with optimism, hope, and trust.

Facial Roller Benefits & Uses;
  • Distributes skincare products more evenly 
  • Cools & soothes skin
  • Reduces puffiness & inflammation Relaxing
Gua Sha Benefits;
  • Increases blood circulation 
  • Improve fine lines and wrinkles
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Relieves tension from muscles
Additional Product Information; 
  • Will Receive 1 Face roller & Gua Sha set
  • Gua Sha Size:~ 4 Inch x 2 Inch 
  • Face Roller Size:~ 5.5 Inch x 2.25 Inch 
  • Comes in gift box  
  • Included in a set; 1 Face roller & 1 Gua Sha
  • Imported from China 
  • Each one will be slightly different in size, shape, color, and appearance in stone.

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