Polished Turritella Agate Tumbles || Protection & Home Connection || Wyoming, USA

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Turritella Agate is a gemstone that is well known for its unique brown semi-translucent coloration and contains various samples of snail fossils that show up as traces of white or tan throughout the stone's crystalline structure.  Turritella Agate is a variety of Chalcedony which makes this a member of the quartz family with a hardness of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs Hardness Scale meaning it's durable and can be made into a wide variety of jewelry, slabs, and tumbles.

From the metaphysical perspective, Turritella Agate has quite a variety of uses but the most well-known usage is for its usage in past-life recall and helping with strengthening the bond between oneself and with their homeland, family, and ancestry. Additional benefits, according to certain healing traditions include warding off postpartum depression, aiding in increasing stability and composure in stressful situations, and even having been used as a protection charm during travel. Turritella Agate has been affiliated with stimulating the Root Chakra as it not only helps with grounding and stabilizing, but additionally helps with connecting with one's inner self and one's past.

Benefits and Spiritual uses of Turitella Agate:

  • Historically Believed to assist with past life recall and connecting with one's ancestors
  • Said to help ward off postpartum depression
  • Grounding and Stabilizing
  • Protection during travel
  • Stimulation and connection of the Root Chakra

Facts about this product:

  • Will receive 1 Tumble
  • Size: 0.75 In x 0.63 In
  • Individual products may have slight differences in size, shape, and appearance
  • This product was ethically and sustainably sourced from Wyoming, USA

Additional Fun Fact: Turritella Agate was actually misnamed on accident by its founder when they believed the snails fossilized in the crystal were the seawater snails of the Turritella genus when actually, recent studies show that the species of snail in these agates were the freshwater Elimia tenera. However, the original name took off with such popularity that, even amongst geologists, it's still used to this day.

Customer Reviews

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Marlene Rivera (Irvington, US)
I love my Turitella Agate AKA Ancestor Stone

These lil'beauties are intricately designed by Mother Nature and as they contain remnants of the earths past so they spiritually assist us in connecting to our Ancestors. And that's exactly how I use them. Nature's treasure is the one sure place that I can always find them and at a great price also as I constantly gift them to my clients and friends. They are absolutely loved by everyone I gift them too. Blessed Be 🙏

Elizabeth (Jenks, US)
Absolutely wonderful!

You can see all the little shells in the best detail even though the stone is completely smooth. I'm anxious to get to know this new addition to my stash.