Polished Snowflake Obsidian Tumbled Stones || Grounding & Psychic Sensitivity || Brazil

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Snowflake Obsidian is a naturally formed, silica-rich volcanic rock with an amorphous structure and a Moh's Hardness rating of 5 to 5.5 with a solid black color with whitish spots scattered throughout created by the presence of the mineral Cristobalite creating the snowflake-like pattern for which it is named. Metaphysically speaking, this stone is historically used by healers to help dispel negative thoughts and self-defeating behavior. Additionally, Snowflake Obsidian is believed to help with increasing psychic sensitivity and helping to make one aware of synchronicities that may lead to one's higher calling or purpose. Some mediums have used Snowflake Obsidian as a way of boosting communicative abilities with lost loved ones. Due to both its protective energies and its proficiency with boosting intuition, this stone is known for boosting the Root and Third Eye Chakras.

Benefits and Spiritual Uses of Snowflake Obsidian:

  • Historically Believed to assist with healing from self-defeating behavior
  • Said to help with psychic sensitivity and guiding to one's true purpose
  • Great stone for mediums by boosting communication with passed on loved ones.
  • Stimulates the Root and Third Eye Chakras

Facts about this product:

  • Will receive 1 Tumble
  • Size: 0.5 In x 0.5 In
  • Individual products may have slight differences in size, shape, and appearance
  • This product was ethically and sustainably sourced from Brazil


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Dena King (Oak Forest, US)
Love it!

Great Seller! Will buy from again for sure :-) My Snowflake Obsidian is exactly as as stated. A lovely addition to my collection.

Stefanie Peragine (Houston, US)

Snowflake Obsidian Tumbled Stone Medium

Hanna Shook (Nicholson, US)

Love the product and the delivery was so fast and efficient! Thanks so much!

christine a.
Lovely item

It is part of my collection

Leticia Favela
I didn't receive all the

I didn't receive all the stones I ordered!!