Polished Red Tiger's Eye Tumbled Stone || Confidence & Grounding || South Africa

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Red Tiger's Eye is a silicon dioxide mineral with a hexagonal crystal system and a Moh's Hardness Reating of 7 making it another mineral affiliated with the quartz family. Red Tiger's Eye is a variety of the more common Yellow/Golden Tiger's Eye but has been exposed to higher levels of heat giving it its gorgeous vivid red coloration but with luminescent bands that seem to shimmer in the light. This phenomenon is called chatoyancy and occurs naturally in tiger's eye crystals due to the decomposing of a mineral compound called Crocidolite. As this decomposition happens, iron is exposed and oxidizes and turns into limonite which then gets embedded into quartz as it grows in place of the decomposed Crocidolite and changes color based on exposure to heat and other trace minerals. Metaphysically speaking, Red Tiger's Eye is a stone known to help with connecting our spiritual essence to our physical bodies and in turn helping with establishing confidence in our day-to-day actions and living by our energetic and spiritual truths. Red Tiger's Eye helps those who suffer from a lack of confidence regarding their body image and helps to embrace a more sensual nature and sexuality. It's also a powerful grounding crystal and helps us to live in the present moment and avoid going into spiritual and energetic extremes. Given these traits, Red Tiger's Eye is a stone that helps with empowering and balancing the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras

Benefits and Spiritual Uses of Red Tiger's Eye:

  • Historically Believed to assist with increasing confidence and expression of self
  • Believed to help with embracing a more sensual nature
  • Said to help those who suffer from issues of body image and help embrace one's sexuality.
  • Great stone for grounding and living in the present moment without going into energetic and spiritual extremes.
  • Stimulates the Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras

Facts about this product:

  • Will receive 1 Tumble
  • Size: 0.25 In x 0.5 In
  • Individual products may have slight differences in size, shape, and appearance
  • This product was ethically and sustainably sourced from South Africa


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A-Lynn (Des Moines, US)
Tiger Eye

Just as described and looks just like the photos! Thank you!

Roger A. Justice (Shelby, US)

very nice