Polished Magenta-Dyed Agate Tumble Stone || Grounding, Wisdom, Awareness || Brazil

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A fun genuine natural mineral agate, dyed with Magenta pink. This fun stone brings color to ones collection. Magenta dyed agate is a fun stone for adults and kids to have. Polished with natural rough spots from tumble processing, adding more character to the tumble stone. Our Magenta dyed agate tumble will feature some banding patterns and spot like ripples!

Magenta-Dyed Agate is said to bring emotions with compassion, nurturing the Heart Chakra and grounding stone. Use Magenta-Dyed Agate during meditation as it  brings wisdom to those who will be open during meditation and bringing ones self awareness and aligned by mapping out with the patterns and ripple spots to have a general starting point of oneself  healing journey. 

  • Will Receive 1 Tumble
  • Size: 0.5 x 0.5
  • Imported from Brazil
  • Stone: Agate; Dyed with Magenta color
  • Items may vary in size, weight, color, or appearance. 

Customer Reviews

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Country Girl (Webster, US)
Beautiful Crystal

When I saw these on line I knew I just had to have at least one of them, I love the color, I love what it does, so happy I bought one. You will not be disappointed in these at all.

staci symons (Monroe, US)
Nature's Teasures, Thank you!

Such an eyecatching color especially in the sun, I work with children and enjoy sharing my stones with them . We examine them outdoors and the children went crazy over this Magenta Agate!

Vicki Stoner (Minneapolis, US)
Tumbled Stones are so versatile!

I started a project at home, to make my bedroom an "Enchanted Garden!" The idea was to re-purpose items I had inherited from my mother and grandmother so they were not just sitting in boxes taking up room. I found that many plants do better when the soil on top is covered with something. It keeps moisture in and stops dirt from splashing over the sides. I wanted something special to put on those pots. I found Crystals by Nature! The tumbled stones are the perfect size for using on top of the soil. They can match the colors of the plants or contrast the colors. Many of the tumbled stones catch the light and sparkle! I use mine on top of the soil or glued onto the sides of plain pots to add a sense of wonder. I also lay them in small sauce dishes between the plants to add variety and interest or fill a small glass vial with a cork top to scatter among the planters to catch the light and add contrast to the delicacy of the plants. The use of tumbled stones in small zen gardens or fairy gardens adds interest, color and stimulates the imagination to try new things for new effects. I love all of the tumbled stones I have received from Crystals by Nature! I am surrounded by them in my Enchanted Garden and they add a true, natural touch of beauty to the decor!

Chelsea S.
Magenta agate is stunning!

Color is beautiful! Great quality and nice "cool" touch :blush: