Grey Botswana Agate Tumbled Stones || Protection & Grounding || Botswana

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Grey Botswana Agate is a silicon dioxide mineral specifically of banded chalcedony with a monoclinic crystal structure making it a member of the quartz family with a Moh's Hardness Rating between 6.5 and 7, in this case, it features its unique banding with shades of grey, white, and brown.

Metaphysically speaking, Grey Botswana Agate is historically known for protection on a spiritual and emotional level along with grounding. Practitioners have used it as a charm to help be a receptacle for negative energy and intention while helping to heal those who have suffered from mental or emotional toxicity and manipulation, specifically for circumstances around relationships and those who use these tactics to maintain a sense of control. Additionally, Grey Botswana Agate has been used by shamans and practitioners as a charm to ward against psychic attacks and prevent unwanted out-of-body visitations. Mentally this stone has been said to help with encouraging looking for solutions to problems rather than dwelling on problems and being overrun with intrusive thoughts. Given these calming and stabilizing energies, Grey Botswana Agate is commonly associated with the Root Chakra.

Benefits and Spiritual Uses of Grey Botswana Agate:

  • Historically Believed to assist with healing from toxic or manipulative relationships
  • Said to help protect against negative energy and intentions
  • Great stone for protection against psychic attack and unwanted out-of-body visitations
  • Stimulates the Root Chakra

Facts about this product:

  • Will receive 1 Tumble
  • Size: 0.5 In x 0.5 In
  • Individual products may have slight differences in size, shape, and appearance
  • This product was ethically and sustainably sourced from Botswana
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Lynda Seymour (Laconia, US)
Great merchant and merchandise

I was very pleased with the merchandise received, but more pleased that this merchant sells you what they have pictured for single stones. That is hard to find now. Excellent experience.

Edward McCalip (St Louis, US)
Botswana Agate tumbled stone

I am so thankful for you guys. You blessed me so much. I'm Soo thankful for your services