Polished Garnet Tumble Stone || Grounding, Psychic Protection || India

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Garnet: This dynamic, pomegranate-hued gem is a stone of vitality and regeneration. It powerfully stimulates the lower chakras and life force energy so that you are ready to perform on the physical plane. It clears all chakras and promotes balance and energy flow through your whole system. The vibration of Garnet is steady and reliable, creating a stabilizing effect on thoughts, emotions, physical body systems, and general discordant energy. Garnet is the stone to grab during times of major challenge. It is known to boost your coping skills and survival instinct, while helping you sustain a positive, can-do attitude in the face of adversity and trauma. It is a protective stone that keeps you shielded from invasive, negative energy and psychic attacks.

 Garnet is known as the stone of devotion and commitment, encouraging the continuation and evolution of positive relationships. Garnet raises the kundalini energy in a safe way, and it enhances sensuality and sexual potency. It can also have a balancing effect on sexual energy, so that you don’t fizzle out too soon.It's energetic reach also includes the higher chakras, which helps you to tune into the spiritual level of your relationships. 

  • Will Receive 1 Tumble
  • Size: 0.75 Inch x 0.5 Inch 
  • Imported from India
  • This product may show slight differences in texture and pattern, and size.

Garnet activates the pituitary gland, which can awaken the psychic senses and expand your consciousness. Garnet has also historically been used as a good luck stone for success, business, and achieving goals. It is a body-friendly mineral with powerful healing properties. 

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Andy (Texas, United States)
Garnet Stones

I don't care for garnets generally but purchased as a birthday gift for someone. These are so beautiful I may buy some for myself.