Palo Santo Smudge Stick || Peru

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Humo Sagrado Sacred Smoke Palo Santo, also known as Holy Wood, is sustainably sourced Palo Santo wood sticks.  This beautifully aromatic wood produces a bright, earthy, rich aroma with notes of citrus & mint.

Used for centuries by South & Central American Shamans, Medicine Men, and citizens to clear away negativity and purify the air.  

  • Available for purchase in Packs of 6, 3 & 1


  • Each stick Length ~ 4 Inches X 0.75 Inch (dimensions will vary)
  • Abalone Shell Not Included, Sold separately
  • Sustainably sourced Palo Santo from Peru

Type: Smudge

Customer Reviews

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Rosizela Salas


avery ward (Texas, United States)
Palo Santo's Purifying Smoke

I purchased this palo santo almost three weeks ago and have used it almost every day. As an empath, this palo santo has worked wonders and really helped me to rid myself of the negative energy I tend to accumulate throughout the day. Curbside pickup was easy and safe. I highly recommend this product, as well as Nature's Treasue's as a whole.