Orgonite Rose Quartz Pyramid 70mm

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Orgonite Rose Quartz Pyramid 70mm offers clarity of mind with EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) and 5G protection. Place an orgonite pyramid in every room in your home or office space to bring in peace and serenity. Handmade with genuine healing crystals, resin, and metal, Orgonite is a spiritual tool for transmuting negative energy.

  • Average Size ~ 70 mm (~ 2.75 inches wide) Dimensions may vary slightly.
  • Includes (1) Orgonite Rose Quartz Pyramid
    • Genuine Rose Quartz Healing Crystal Stones
    • Copper Spirals
    • Copper Flakes
    • Flower of Life Grid
    • Quartz Point Generator 

Fun Facts: Metaphysically, spirals symbolize the journey of life. Copper can assist with healing, attuning, clearing, and cleansing of your aura. Rose Quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love that offers compassion and true love.

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