EMF Protection Orgonite Pyramid Ruby, Selenite, Quartz, Copper w/ Metatron Symbol || 75MM

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 Orgonite Pyramid w/ Metatron Symbol, Selenite, Ruby, Quartz, and Copper Spiral offers new beginnings and a blessed future. Place an orgonite heart in every room in your home or office space to bring clarity of mind. Orgonite (a combination of quartz, metals, and resin that harmonizes bio-energy) is combined with authentic Ruby chips and copper flakes and protects against EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) including 5G. 

  • Average Size ~ 75mm / 3 Inches x 2.25 Inches
  • Includes (1) Orgonite Ruby & Selenite Metatron 55mm Pyramid
    • Genuine Ruby Healing Crystal Stones
    • Genuine Selenite Healing Crystal Stones
    • Genuine Quartz Healing Crystal Stones
    • Copper Chakra Healing Spiral
    • Copper Flakes
    • Metatron Symbol 

Fun Facts: Spirals represent the journey of life. Copper can assist with healing and cleansing your aura. Ruby is also known for energy enhancer, creativity, and compassion. A stone that can also bring wealth and health in a harmonious loving way. Selenite also has a cleansing effect not only for your space and one's self but also for your crystals.

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Each item is handmade with natural stones and materials that vary in color and appearance.

Type: Orgonite
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Todd Mowry (Austin, US)
Metatron‘s love

Very powerful Craftsmanship and quality! Extra special touch with a free gift!