Natural Native Copper Sphere 35 MM || Grounding, Channeler || United States

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These Natural Native Copper Spheres packs a powerful punch, Lovely to look at and an excellent energy conductor. Copper is a metal mineral, with a hardness of 2.5 to 3. Polished and shaped into a beautiful heavy 35mm sphere! 

Copper is said to channel energies, having the ability to be grounding, Channeling High Vibration frequency's. Copper is also said to be a connection line between heaven and earth, giving the boost of manifestation. Copper is known to carry other stone energies just like a "hard drive" download (s). Copper is a great mineral to use during grid work, allowing to "spark" the energy's and channeling what you are needing in the moment. 

  • Will Receive 1 Copper Sphere
  • Size: 35 MM / 1.5 Inch 
  • made in the US
  • It has a metallic luster with a hardness of 2.5 to 3.
  • This is a naturally grown stone.  Each piece varying slightly in color, texture, and pattern. This makes each item special and does not detract from the natural beauty of each one.
Type: Spheres
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