Natural Clear Quartz Element Symbol Flat Stone Set || Element Set

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These Awesome Flat stones with Genuine stone of Clear Quartz, lazier etched and filled with gold plated print designing the 4 Elements. Channel the Four Elements Fire, Water, Air & Earth with these Flat Stones, great for Reiki, meditation & Crystal Grids.
Clear Quartz: Clear Quartz Harnesses forces from the angelic realm forged from deep within the Earth to power, clear, cleanse, heal, and remember.  This is a crystal to heighten spiritual awareness and bring in light.  It provides a vibrational channel straight from the angelic realm.  It can be used for attracting and sending love, healing, expanding consciousness, communication with guides, generating prosperity, chakra balancing, past-life recall, and grid work.  It can be programmed to assist with any sort of healing. prismatic inclusions 
  • Will Receive 1 Clear Quartz Element Set
  • Included in Set: 4 Pieces of Clear Quartz flat stones
  • Elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Water
  • Size: 1 inch
  • Imported from China
  • Each one will be slightly different in size, shape, color and appearance. 
Type: Chakra Sets
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Lacey (Texas, United States)
Symbols are from Avartar: The Last Airbender

Those element symbols are ripped off from the ones made for the Nickelodeon cartoon, not some deep spiritual symbols representing the elements