Natural Amethyst Clusters On Pins || Protection, Spiritual Healing || Brazil

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These Amethyst on Pins Harnesses forces from the angelic realm forged from deep within the Earth to power, protect, purify, and release. Amethyst is said to gently assist with overcoming negative and addictive emotional patterns, giving up bad habits. Working through the Chakras: Third Eye ( 6th), Crown (7th), Etheric (8-14th); increases intuition, calms the mind, and protects the Spirit, facilitating a connection directly to the Angelic realm.

A stone of healing and protection, these Amethyst Clusters on Pins would make a thoughtful gift for someone who needs a little extra Purification and spiritual guidance. Place them on your nightstand or around the home!
  • Will Receive 1 Amethyst on Pin of your size Choice.
  • Size Options: X-Large, XX-Large, Jumbo
  • X-Large Size:~ 3 Inch W x 3.75 inch H - 4.75 inch H
  • XX-Large Size:~ 3.25 inch W x 4 inch H - 5.25 inch H
  • Jumbo Size:~ 4 inch W x 4 H - 6 inch H
  • Imported from Brazil
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  • Natural Amethyst clusters on Metal Stand
  • Each one will be different in size, shape, color, and appearance in clusters. Each one will have their own natural unique inclusions, specks of other minerals, and half raw on the edges.

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Tabitha Mayes (Alabama, United States)

Love it!