Natural Fibrous Malachite Cluster || Transformation, Emotional Blockages, Cleansing One's Energy || Small || From Shaba Province, Zaire

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Fibrous Malachite is composed of small, green crystals grouped in irregular clusters. In places, the crystals seem covered in fine glitter. Rough to the touch with a slightly metallic resonance, Fibrous Malachite fits easily in the palm of the hand. Malachite: With its vibrant shades of green and mesmerizing banded, circular patterning, Malachite will draw you in and serve you in countless ways. Due to its high copper content, it promotes energy flow and absorbs stuck energy. Place Malachite on any chakra to powerfully vacuum up negative, discordant energy. 

Known as a stone of transformation, it can help you let go of outdated patterns that keep you stuck in your comfort zone. It is especially useful if you are ready to face and release emotional blockages resulting from trauma, abuse, or other difficult circumstances. With its help, you can more easily heal longstanding emotional issues, such as depression and anxiety. Malachite also clears negative energy and toxins from the environment and can counteract the harmful effects of EMFs from technology, fluorescent lighting, and other disruptive manmade forces. It creates a protective shield around you; and if you have already picked up these kinds of discordant energies, Malachite can absorb and remove them. 

  • Size: ~2.25 Inches - 3.25 Inches x 1 Inches - 2.25 Inches 
  • Quantity: 1 Fibrous Malachite Cluster 
  • Imported from Shaba Province, Zaire 
  • Each one will be different in size, shape, color and appearance. These natural fibrous Malachite are naturally formed and can be toxic 

 Malachite boosts the solar plexus, will power, energy levels, and many bodily systems. It gives you a confidence boost, empowering you to take responsibility and create favorable outcomes in your life. It has a harmonizing and energizing effect on all systems of the body.

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Customer Reviews

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Whitni Abernathy (Midland, US)
Most Beautiful Crystal I Have Ever Purchased

This piece is really worth every penny. It's the most beautiful crystal I own and I couldn't even lie about that. Thank you guys to living up to your reviews!

Thank you so much Whitni! We are so glad the malachite found its 'Forever Home.' Come back to see us soon!