High Quality Elestial Etched Amethyst From Brazil || Mini || Spiritual Awakening

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 Elestial Quartz is known to be a spiritual tool for communication and receiving downloads from the universe and the multiple dimensions. These crystals remind us by sending us these vibrations to help us connect ourselves with the inner worlds spirit. This stone helps one send energy from the higher realms and divine love. It also like's to take you for a joy ride to the angelic domain! As for Amethyst with it combined, Amethyst is very good for spiritual connection and helps protect and purifies anything that's needing to when spiritually meditating. This stone is not only for spiritual protection and purifications of the body by negative influences and attachments but also helps in overwhelming situations and help reducing bad habits. Amethyst stimulates the crown Chakra and is perfect for meditation by calming the thoughts and to move into a higher state of consciousness. Having Amethyst around or on your person, it will create a protective bubble around your aura field, a "bright light" which is why this stone is very common for new beginners and more! 

Elestial Amethyst works well with anything from the Quartz family, Citrine chrysoprase, Tiger's Eye, any kind of opal, and Moldavite for more transformations!

  • Imported from Brazil
  • Size: 15 MM - 30 MM / .19 Inches - 1.25 Inch
  • Will receive 1 Mini Elestial Amethyst 
  • This product is great for gridding, spell working, jewelry making!
Each one will be different in size, shape, color and appearance.
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Mario Garcia (Baja California, Mexico)
Mini amethyst

I love it it has a cool pattern and plus it’s really purple and clear like it feels high quality