Hand Carved Water Buffalo Horn Hair Comb || Power, Strength

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This amazing hand-carved Water Buffalo Horn Hair comb is the perfect gift to gift to your loved ones. It is smooth and gentle to the touch and is not even heavy at all!!! Perfect for everyday use with a bit of fancy added to it. These Water Buffalo Horn Combs are also a great addition to your Altar space as Water Buffalos has beautiful meaning of its own.
Spiritual Meaning of Water Buffalo; From legions in many cultures has said that Buffalo's carry the dead to the afterlife as connection to the womb. Some other cultures says they bring power, strength, Survival (life). Water Buffalo Horns is said to signify strength, convey powerful messages from past achievements from a person or family and serve to help future spiritual growth.
  • Will Receive 1 Comb
  • Comb size:~ 7.25 Inch x 2 Inch
  • Gift box size:~ 8.5 Inch x 3.5 Inch
  • Comes with a Gift box
  • Hand carved water buffalo horn 
  • These combs was blessed and cleansed by one of our staff members at Nature's Treasures
  • Imported from China
  • **These Water Buffalo Horn Combs was not harm in the making, they were harvest from broken horn droppings** 
  • Each comb is unique in different size, shape, and color

Fun fact:

Water Buffalos are found in many places across the world, from Europe to Africa to southeast Asia and China. As local farmers use them towards working in the fields on daily basis. The Ox or Water Buffalo are worshiped in southern China and even considered God-like, as the Ox means spring. Traditionally, the spring season began with ceremonial plowing. Some others carried out the same tradition at the beginning spring.

Customer Reviews

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Pedro Martinez (Pennsylvania, United States)
False advertisement probably

If I get a call back with some explanation about explanation about why my comb looks plastic please

Hi Pedro, Your comb is carved from genuine Water Buffalo Horn, which is highly prized in Chinese Medicine. Unlike plastic, Water Buffalo Horn glides through hair easily without damaging coarse, unruly or stressed hair, and is great for detangling. Also, because it is not plastic, it does not create static in the hair. Because Water Buffalo Horn has been used for combs for centuries, plastic combs are made to look like buffalo horn or tortoise shell (used for the same purposes). You can tell the plastic combs from Buffalo Horn a) plastic melts, horn does not melt but it will burn and smell like burnt hair, b) Buffalo Horn Combs will get gummy, swell or warp if left in water too long! Plastic does not change in water.