Green Tree "Yoga Collection" Masala Incense Sticks - GIft Set of 6 Premium Scents

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Green Tree Collection (Variety Pack) 

Do you know someone who loves aromatherapy and/or incense and chill vibes? Are you "someone"? This set is the perfect solution to indecisive incense connoisseurs in your life. This particular Gift Set contains our most popular and decadent scents of Masala Incense Sticks. Burn each scent for a different experience! 

This set contains 6 boxes of popular hand rolled Masala incense sticks! Making this a perfect gift for anyone who loves incense but doesn't know where to start.

Scents include 15 gr Packs of Each:

  • Happy Yoga (patchouli and amber)
  • Spiritual Yoga (sandalwood)
  • Chakra Lotus (floral)
  • Surya Namaskar (spicy)
  • 7 Chakras (earthy and clean)
  • Yoga Tree (woody).

 Green Tree's premium masala incense cones gums are natural & hand rolled using herbs, gums, resins, woods and oils to create high quality & ethical aroma therapy.

  • Medium Smoke.
  • Each pack contains 15 incense sticks.
  • Burn time is approx ~ 45 minutes per stick.
  • 100% All Natural Ingredients.
  • Hand rolled.
  • Sustainably & Ethically Sourced.
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