Dyed Slice Agate Chakra Set || Sanskrit and Sacred Geometry

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This unique & minimalistic Crystal Chakra Set featuring Sanskrit & Sacred Geometry is polished but made of natural slices of agate that have been dyed to represent the 7 Chakras. Chakra (cakra in Sanskritmeans “wheel” and refers to energy points in your body. They are thought to be spinning disks of energy that should stay “open” and aligned, as they connected to different parts of our physical body & areas of our energetic body that affect our emotional and physical well-being. Uses include but are not limited: Reiki, Crystal Gridding, Meditation, Cabochons for jewelry making, Wind chimes, Garden Decor, Art.

Agate: as it will have Agate like properties such as Grounding, stability, Stress relief, and self awareness! This stone is said to bring Stability, Grounding, Focus.

Chakra Symbols:
  • 7th Chakra; Sahasrara ( Crown )
  • 6th Chakra; Ajna ( Center of brow / Third Eye)
  • 5th Chakra; Vishuddha ( Throat )
  • 4th Chakra; Anahata ( Heart )
  • 3rd Chakra; Manipura ( Solar Plexus )
  • 2nd Chakra; Suadhisthana ( Sacral )
  • 1st Chakra;  Muladhara ( Root )

Product Info:

  • Will Receive 1 Agate Set
  • 7 Chakra set includes: Blue, Purple, green, orange, yellow, Clear (Natural) Magenta.
  • Agate Slices Size:~ 1.5 Inch - 2.25 inch long x 0.75 Inch - 1.25 Inch wide
  • Imported from China
  • Each set comes with 7 colored Agate slices with each of the 7 chakra symbols
  • Each set will be slightly different in size, shape, color, and appearance!
  • For more information on Chakras, Check out our book selection! Click Here

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