Ametrine Exotic Tumble Stone - Spiritual Connections

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Ametrine is a sweet blend of Amethyst and citrine energies merged together. With these two combined it boost the Crown Chakra, purifying one's energetic field along with one's auric field. This stone is known to help letting go bad habits and addictions along with enhancing mental clarity, creativity, will power, and bringing one's spirituality into harmony with the mind and will bring harmonizing insight and new ideas.

Keeping one near will help keep one's mind clear, pro-active on a task, and staying creative! Ametrine works well with any of the Quartz families, Moldavite, Lepidolite. Combined with any of these as the combination and transformational energies stimulates all the chakras and enhancing one's spiritual connection.

  • These Ametrine tumble stones are smooth to the touch and the perfect size for crystal gridding.
  • Most Ametrine is mined in Bolivia (hence the name Bolivianite)
  • Size: 0.5 inch - 1 inch
  • Imported from brazil
Each one will be different in size, shape, color, and appearance


Customer Reviews

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Ametrine Exotic Tumble

I'm absolutely thrilled with my order. Beautiful stone.


I think the crystal is very pretty, I only wish it was bigger or that you could get multiple small ones for a decent price. I was very happy with the expediency of the delivery, but $4.00 is a high price for the smallness of the order. I am so sorry for any complaining! I was happy to get the agate, too. That was a nice surprise!

Beautiful stone and great customer service!

Thank you for my complimentary stones as well. You're the best.