Afro Brazilian Tarot Deck, by Alice Santana

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Afro-Brazilian Tarot Deck, by Alice Santana, is dedicated to Orishas, the divinities from an ancient magic that is a synthesis of the African Yoruban and Brazilian Candomble religions.  Classic tarot archetypes are deftly infused with these primary spirit beings and combined with Santeria to create a unique blend.

The tremendous movement, bold simplicity and dramatic imagery of the cards is representative of a culture that channels, honors and dances with the fundamental forces of nature; opening a gateway and inviting the tarot reader to commune.

  • Written by Lo Scarabeo
  • Published by Llewellyn Publications
  • 78 cards with Guidebook
  • Size ~ 2.9 x 1.2 x 5.1 inches
  • ISBN: 9780738709604