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Our expert buyers scout for the best deals, newest finds, & treasures you didn't know you couldn't live without, & bring them back to our store in Austin, Texas by the truckload. We process tons of new inventory in just a few days to restock our Retail Showroom, Rock Yard, Rock Depot & Online Store, & then open our doors to let eager customers get first pick of exciting new products! 

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April 1st - April 30th 2022 11am to 5:50pm at Nature's Treasures ATX Auditorium.

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Desert Rose Selenite

We are pleased to offer a stunning selection of Desert Rose Selenite atthe Tucson Trunk Show. They come from Mexico and are available in single rosettes and clusters. 

Created from water, wind, and sand, Desert Rose Selenite is made primarily of the mineral Gypsum (Selenite). It forms when sand becomes implanted in blades of Selenite, and the addition of water causes it to develop into the signature rosette shape.

An old Native American legend says that Desert Roses were carved by warriors in the spirit realm. They planted them in specific Earth locations to guard their original homelands. Each one is said to contain a spirit guardian that offers you protection and guidance.

Desert Rose Selenite promotes grounding, balance, rejuvenation, and psychic attunement. It is soothing to the mind and emotions, cleansing to the environment, and perfect for gridding--as it amplifies the energy of surrounding stones and your intentions. Desert Rose Selenite is also known as a powerful manifestation and abundance stone. The flower formation encourages growth, helping your business and finances to bloom. 

dogtooth calcite, calcite, dogtooth calcite cluster, calcite clusters, dogtooth calcite for sale, what is dogtooth calcite

Dogtooth Calcite

A special and exceptionally high-vibration form of Calcite is gracing our shelves at the Tucson Trunk Show, Dogtooth Calcite. Also known as Stellar Beam Calcite, its form is scalenohedral with long, sharp terminations. Our stock comes from Morocco and includes single points, double terminations, and clusters.

The crystalline formation of Dogtooth Calcite models a grand potential: the possibility for you to shift your life and reality to a more refined and spiritually focused expression. Most Calcite manifests in the shape of a rhomboid or parallelogram, both internally and externally. Dogtooth

Calcite has an internal crystalline structure that is a rhomboid, but its outer shape (and energy) resembles a spaceship. The sharply pointed terminations give it an added intensity, focus, and energetic range. Since Dogtooth is the Calcite that has evolved the rhomboid to an entirely

different shape, it represents the manifestation of the new reality.

Dogtooth Calcite activates your higher chakras and psychic centers, assisting with ascension and spiritual awakening. It quickly raises your vibration, facilitating interdimensional access and higher states of consciousness. It clears negative energy, blockages, hooks, cords, patterns, and entities. Dogtooth Calcite also amplifies energy and is the perfect addition to crystal grids.

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Green Fluorite 

We have a special treat for you at the Tucson Trunk Show, gorgeous Green Fluorite specimens. We have a very limited supply from Madagascar. They are crystalline powerhouses of sacred geometry, with a cubic structure and a cluster formation. Primarily green, with a bluish-purple tint in direct sunlight, they fluoresce blue under UV light. They are

completely enchanting and multidimensional!

Green Fluorite brings a minty fresh energy to your chakras and personal environment, eliminating all negativity in its path. It sharpens and refreshes the mind, inspiring novel ideas

and positive thinking. Green Fluorite is also beneficial to the heart chakra, helping to release emotional trauma, pain, anxiety, and addiction patterns.

Fluorite clusters are recommended tools for work environments, especially around computers and technology. They keep the mind focused, while drawing off negative EMF energy. Green Fluorite is also an exceptional stone for physical healing. It purifies, releases, and re-patterns anything in the physical body that is out of alignment, while strengthening immunity and all bodily systems.

Aragonite star, aragonite, aragonite cluster, what is aragonite, aragonite on sale

Aragonite Stars

Sure to be the stars of the Tucson Trunk Show, we have a sparkly assortment of new Aragonite Stars in stock from Morocco. They come in orbicular clusters and individual

orbs--so bright and lustrous! Aragonite star clusters result from multiple barrel-shaped crystal twins growing together. Aragonite is a polymorph of Calcite, meaning that it is made of the same chemical elements (calcium, carbon and oxygen), but the atoms are arranged into a different, orthorhombic structure.

Due to their starburst morphology, Aragonite Stars shoot out light in a variety of directions. This creates a light lattice that heightens the energy wherever it is placed. Fostering a grounded Earth connection, they take excess energy down into the Earth to be recycled. Aragonite Stars awaken the Earth Star chakra below the feet, making them the ultimate Earth-Keeper stone. These are essential light tools for anyone who feels called to heal the planet and the Earth

energy grid. Aragonite Stars transmute geopathic stress—energy disturbances coming from power lines, underground water, pipes, sewers, and fault lines. If you sense blockages in

specific ley lines and Earth grid points, placing an Aragonite Star there can restore a positive flow. They also influence you to recycle and to preserve natural resources.

Aragonite Stars are wonderful antidotes for anxiety, tension, and stress. They bring patience and stability during trying times. Aragonite Stars can also clear and balance all chakras, while awakening your psychic abilities.

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