Julie Reeves

Julie Reeves Practitioner

Astrologist & Past-Life Consultant

Sighted Intuitive Astrology/Tarot and Past-Life Consultations. I live and have a full-time professional practice here in Austin, Texas and have for 13 years.

Astrology is a wonderful tool to help us understand ourselves and others better. Using astrology, we can find out more about what makes us tick as an individual, where our innate strengths and weaknesses lie, what our potentials are and how we can best develop these and put them to use. Once we have discovered these treasures for ourselves, and have enriched our own lives, we may then wish to share some of our precious skills, talents and abilities with others and enrich the world around us.

After experiencing a series of chaotic changes in my life in 1983, I had my natal chart prepared and interpreted by a Master Astrologer in Dallas, Texas. The answers she provided explained everything I was going through. She also accurately explained my lifelong strengths and weaknesses. It was all so profound it changed my life.

As a result, I started studying seriously with a Master Astrologer and Tarot Teacher in 1984. I studied with several fine teachers in Dallas and was also associated with the esteemed Kepler University. After over four years of intensive study I became a professional Tarot reader and Astrologer. I have been professionally consulting and teaching Astrology and Tarot professionally for over 25 years.

Astrology is intimidating to many people, but it shouldn’t be. It is fun and exciting to learn to interpret your own chart, and discover your innate talents and challenges. I endeavor to present the consultations simply and without complication (or too much math). I am so blessed to be able to work with the people that God and the Spirit Guides bring to me.