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Zodiac Stones: What are the Best Crystals for Virgo

Zodiac Stones: What are the Best Crystals for Virgo

by Adrienne Goff, Crystal Healing Expert


During harvest time, when the seasons begin to transition from summer to fall, we enter the mutable sign of Virgo. If your birthday falls between August 23rd and September 22nd, Virgo is your sun sign. To the ancients, the Virgo constellation looked like a woman carrying bundles of wheat or corn, which is why Virgo is symbolized by the maiden of harvest or the virgin. She embodies the qualities of purity, innocence, modesty, knowledge, and dignity.

It is fitting that Virgo is an Earth sign, due to its association with agriculture and abundance. Earth signs are grounded, stable, wise, and practical. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the quick-moving planet of communication and intellect.

You can usually spot a Virgo from a mile away. Just look for the person whose appearance is meticulously polished, tidy, and put together--and whose house is always immaculately clean. Virgos are wired for perfectionism, attention to detail, and organization. Thanks to Mercury’s influence, Virgos are highly intelligent and analytical, with an aptitude for clear and precise communication.

Virgos are also the hardest workers in the zodiac. You definitely want a Virgo on your work team. The maiden of harvest understands that you reap what you sow, and she isn’t afraid to roll up her sleeves and get the job done--to perfection. Virgos are also quite modest and humble, not prone to bragging about their impressive achievements.

The Virgo mantra is “How can I be of service?” They are big-hearted nurturers who love to help others and their community. Virgos have the patience of a saint and are wonderful friends. They are loyal, reliable, and kind, always trying to see and bring out the best in people.

As with all signs, Virgos have some personality traits that are more challenging. Always striving for perfection and holding such high standards can lead to internal stress and anxiety. It can turn into self-criticism or being critical of others. Even though Virgos are gifted communicators, they sometimes have trouble expressing their feelings. Their strong logical and analytical tendencies can cause them to hide or deny their emotions. It also causes them to overthink things, to ruminate over details and past decisions, and to worry too much. Virgos can sometimes come across as uptight, snobby, and stubborn.

Working with the right crystals can bring out the best in Virgo, while supporting them in overcoming the more challenging Virgo tendencies. Here are the most highly recommended crystals for those with a Virgo sun sign.

Amazonite Pocket Heart from Madagascar

Amazonite: This aquatic, blue-green treasure is assigned to Virgo. It channels the energy of the mighty river for which it is named, as well as the fierce Amazon warrior women. Yet it also calms, soothes, refreshes, and balances. Its nature is variable and complex, just like the mutable sign of Virgo.
Amazonite resonates with many of the Virgo gifts. It’s a stone of truth, integrity, abundance, and values, perfect for hard-working, ethical Virgo. It also brings out Virgo’s innate compassion, care, and desire to help others. Amazonite embodies an orderly quality that enhances self-discipline, cleansing, and tidiness. It amplifies Virgo’s inherent power to Marie Kondo the heck out of everything from junk drawers to entire business ventures.
Amazonite is also an advanced communication stone that assists in clearing speaking one’s true feelings and thoughts in a way that isn’t overly emotional. That’s Virgo’s cup of tea: clearly and efficiently articulating what needs to be said, minus the drama and emotional outbursts. Amazonite enhances awareness of the power of words to shape reality, and it encourages Virgos to use their communication gifts with integrity to create higher outcomes.
Amazonite’s balancing and harmonizing qualities are a godsend to stressed out Virgos. It has a soothing effect on the emotions, chakras, and physical body. It calms a frazzled nervous system, while dissipating anxiety, fear, worry, and irritability. Amazonite relaxes perfectionist tendencies and a proclivity to obsess over every detail. It also helps mentally oriented Virgos to tune into and honor their emotions. It washes away self-criticism and judgement, encouraging Virgos to turn their compassion inward.
Green Jade Obelisk from Pakistan


Green Jade: Revered by many ancient cultures for its wide array of beneficial properties, Green Jade is a birthstone for Virgo that is assigned to the Earth element. Here are some key words that Green Jade and Virgos have in common: purity, harmony, self-sufficiency, and abundance.
Green Jade is the perfect adornment for the maiden of harvest, as it bestows the energy and blessings of Mother Earth and the Earth element. Legend has it that touching a piece of Jade will bless you in all of your pursuits. It’s a good luck charm that attracts wealth, luck, and opportunities. Green Jade’s energy is restorative, nourishing, and harmonizing--just like a nature walk is. The message of Green Jade is that you get back what you put in; you reap what you sow. You are responsible your own destiny, and your hard work results in reward. This mantra is sure to resonate with practical, self-reliant Virgo.
Green Jade amplifies many of Virgo’s impressive mental abilities. It increases attention to detail, and it assists with organizing and breaking down tasks into more manageable steps. It also stimulates new ideas and novel approaches. Green Jade offers a stabilizing, coherent force that maximizes the mental powers of logic and analysis.
Green Jade is a great antidote for the Virgo who is mentally and emotionally taxed due to their pursuit of perfection. It disrupts negative thought loops and brings balance to all levels of the being: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. It also calms and soothes anxious energy and a propensity to worry. Virgos can hold themselves to impossibly high standards. Green Jade softens their critical tendencies by activating greater self-love, appreciation, and acceptance.

 Polished Fluorite Tower Point

Fluorite: A highly prized metaphysical stone, Fluorite comes in all of the colors of the rainbow and naturally forms in the shapes of the cube and the octahedron. Ruled by Mercury, it is a master organizer of energy--perfect for orderly Virgo.
Fluorite’s internal crystalline structure is highly geometric, perfect, and symmetrical. The result is an energy field that is extremely refined, cohesive, and structured. When Fluorite is exposed to disorganized energy, thoughts, emotions, or bodily systems, it goes in like a cleaning crew and tidies everything up. It acts like a Virgo, putting everything back into the proper place and arrangement for optimal functioning.
Fluorite heightens the intellect and communication, which fall under Mercury’s domain and are Virgo strengths. Known as the IQ stone, Fluorite brings order and clarity to the thoughts and senses. It keeps the mental body sharp and helps with retaining and processing new information. Fluorite enhances productivity, concentration, objectivity, and quick thinking, while simultaneously awakening the psychic senses and intuition. It also fosters clear and accurate communication.
Fluorite comes to the rescue when Virgo becomes unbalanced, stressed, or overwhelmed. It vacuums up excess mental clutter when Virgo’s brain has too many tabs open. Virgos are all about purity, and Fluorite purifies the entire bio-energetic system, while protecting against all forms of negativity. Fluorite also stabilizes erratic emotions and calms anxiety. When Virgo is getting too serious or uptight, Fluorite lightens the mood and encourages flow and fun.


 Moss Agate Tumble Stone


Moss Agate: Moss Agate contains beautiful mineral inclusions that mimic the appearance of moss and foliage. It has historically been used in agricultural pursuits to promote plant growth, and to open a line of communication with the different Earth kingdoms and realms. Consequently, Moss Agate is associated with the Earth element and is a top Virgo birthstone.
Moss Agate has a sweet, modest, practical, down-to-earth quality that will appeal to most Virgos. It encourages goal setting and personal growth. It inspires you to put in the work and consistent effort necessary to improve your health, finances, and life circumstances. Mental concentration, endurance, and resolution are greatly enhanced by Moss Agate. Virgos are here to serve others and to help make the world a better place, which is something that Moss Agate fully supports.
Moss Agate unlocks the heart chakra. Some Virgos have in a tendency to lead with the head, while suppressing the emotional side. Moss Agate supports Virgos to access their emotions and express how they are feeling. It boosts self-love and self-esteem, giving Virgo the message that it’s OK to relax, stop and smell the roses, and let go of the need for everything to be perfect. Its calming and grounding influence works wonders to de-stress an overworked Virgo, helping to dissipate a surplus of mental energy.


Honorable Mention:

 There you have it, the best Virgo gemstones. Here are some other beautiful stones that are traditionally associated with Virgo:

  •  Blue Sapphire: traditional September birthstone, order, discipline, organization, mental focus, clarity, learning, communication, releasing perfectionism, calms excess mental activity, stress relief, opening up emotionally.
  • Red Jasper: a Virgo sun sign stone, associated with the Earth element, grounding, nurturing, self-care, problem-solving, organization, focus, calming, clearing.
  • Amethyst: assigned to Virgo, calms anxiety, provides stress relief, balances and strengthens the mental body, motivates service, clears negativity, offers protection, awakens intuition and psychic ability.
  • Blue Tourmaline (Indicolite): a Virgo Ascendant stone, associated with Mercury, inspires service, increases passion for work, enhances communication and honest expression, calms excess mental energy, responsibility, peace, higher awareness, channeling.


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